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Uber began to transport people by helicopter. How much does such a flight cost?

Today, ordering a taxi via mobileapplication, we can choose the level of its comfort and indicate additional options like transporting animals. But agree, it would be cool to be able to visit friends not in a car, but inside a huge helicopter? If you are somehow lucky enough to be in Manhattan, you will certainly have this opportunity. The fact is that now in the Uber taxi service there is an option to fly from downtown Manhattan to John F. Kennedy International Airport located in New York and vice versa. The cost of the flight will be $ 200, or about 12,000 rubles, but is a helicopter trip worth the money?

You can fly a Uber helicopter for only $ 200

Uber’s new service was featured inedition called Addicted to Progress. If you believe the published data, a flight from Manhattan to John F. Kennedy Airport will take no more than 8 minutes. For comparison, a car requires at least 30 minutes to overcome the same distance, and even more if traffic jams are taken into account. Therefore, some people can quite afford to travel by helicopter, especially if they are late for the plane.

You can order a Uber helicopter through the mobile application

After arriving at the site, a person is requiredWatch a 90-second flight safety video. After that, the helicopter takes off and spends in the sky for about 8 minutes, during which the passenger has the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of New York. The helicopter eventually lands at the airport, from where the passenger travels to his terminal in another Uber car.

What kind of helicopter model is used in Uber is not reported, but a helicopter from Aston Martin would be perfect for a taxi service

It sounds very interesting and convenient, and for thisThe company asks for "luxury" service not so sky-high prices. Only here passengers who rush to the airport should always remember that part of the way they still have to go by car. The company promises that the flight will last only 8 minutes, but cannot guarantee that a trip by car will take a minimum of time. Traffic jams may well form during the trip, and from the starting location to the runway, as well as from the landing site to the airport, you will probably have to be patient.

Would you decide to pay $ 200 for a Uber helicopter flight? You can share your answer in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

It is worth recalling that the development of taxi services withmany other companies are involved in helicopters. For example, the German company Volocopter has already created aircraft called VoloCity, which meet all the requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The company has not yet announced the date for the official launch of its taxi service, but the developed aircraft seem more suitable for transporting passengers than helicopters. And the thing is that instead of one screw they are equipped with 18 rotors, due to which they emit less noise. But it is worth recognizing that helicopters make a greater impression - everyone wants to fly to the airport as an important person?