In the United States, more than 3,000 earthquakes occurred in a few days. More is expected in California

July 4, 2019 happened one of the strongestearthquakes in California, which caused fires, power line falls, water supply failures and the occurrence of cracks in buildings. After the announcement of an emergency, seismologists, who study the causes of earthquakes, recorded another 3,000 other aftershocks. According to them, in the coming days, about 30,000 earthquakes will occur in the United States.

The first quake occurred at 10 o'clockin the morning, 196 kilometers from the California city of Los Angeles. As a result of this earthquake, no one was hurt, but a day later there was a stronger push with a magnitude of 7.1. It turned out to be more devastating - about 200,000 people were left without electricity. There were also reports of victims.

California's biggest earthquake

The earthquake is the strongestin California history over the past 20 years. The last push of magnitude 7.1 was recorded in the south of the state back in 1999, but at that time, fortunately, no one was hurt. However, there were a lot of earthquake victims in 1994, when about 40,000 buildings were destroyed due to aftershocks, 20,000 people were left without a home, more than 7,000 people were injured and about 60 residents of the city died.

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Fortunately, this time the incident did notbig destruction. Experts believe that in the coming days they will be able to fix up to 30,000 aftershocks, but their strength will be much less than that of the main one. Everything will end with the fact that the earth will shudder with a minimum magnitude that can be caught only with the help of special devices. California residents will not even notice them.

California earthquake video

Although the incident did not cause much damage,residents of Los Angeles and nearby cities scared in earnest. Someone in an emergency caught up right during a theatrical performance where all the actors and spectators had to run out of the shaking building in panic. Someone at that time was at work, and dodged goods falling from the shelves.

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Small damage was received by the owners of houses, whichcovered with noticeable cracks. Inside some premises, you will also have to do repairs, because the vibrations carried the pictures from the walls and obviously damaged the floor and walls. The destruction of the foundations of some of the structures at all led to the fact that they twisted.

Earthquake destroyed house in California

The effects of the earthquake can also be seen in the Mojave Desert, which was covered with deep cracks.

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California earthquake: latest news

After a series of earthquakes, California residentsbegan to worry about the emergence of another, stronger shock. According to the US Geological Survey, people have nothing to worry about - the probability of the start of another strong earthquake is extremely small. Experts reinforced their opinion by the fact that catastrophic earthquakes occur only after a long period of seismic activity, and in California there has recently been a long lull.

Also, some people began to fear thattremors can trigger an eruption of Yellowstone Supervolcano. It is believed that such a catastrophe can cause the onset of a long winter, during which humanity will not be able to grow plants and begin to starve. Scientists again believe that people worry in vain, because to erupt the volcanic magma must be melted by 50%, and at the moment it is melted by a maximum of 15%.

Yellowstone Supervolcano

What causes earthquakes?

The main cause of tremorsthe movements of tectonic plates are considered, which are the blocks constantly being in motion that make up the shell of the Earth. They are set in motion during temperature fluctuations in the bowels of the planet - when the plate is heated, they rise up, and when cooled down they go down.

Where do most earthquakes occur?

One of the most affected by tremorsPlaces on Earth, oddly enough, is considered to be California. It is located on the territory of the so-called San Andreas Fault, a 1,300-kilometer intersection of Pacific and North American tectonic plates. Earthquakes in this region can occur at any time, so it can be said that all 39 million California dwellers constantly risk their lives.

San Andreas Rift

The record for most destructiveearthquakes still call Japan. One of the very first such catastrophes was recorded in the distant 869 year - it was accompanied by a tsunami and received the official name of the Dzøgan-Sanrika earthquake. The number of victims was about 1000 people.

One of the last major earthquakes is2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. The magnitude of aftershocks reached 9.1 points - the tsunami affected the United States, Canada, and even Russia. In the course of this disaster, 15 896 people died, 6157 were injured, and 2536 are considered missing.

Consequences of the 2011 Japan Earthquake

One of the most serious earthquakes inmodern history occurred in Armenia on December 7, 1988. Strong tremors with a magnitude up to 7.2 points destroyed almost the entire northern part of the republic, where about 1 million people lived. The catastrophe claimed the lives of 25 thousand people, 514 thousand local residents were left without a home, and 140 thousand people became disabled.

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