Apple will no longer produce cheap iPhones (2 photos)

Apple stopped producing iPhone 6S modelsPlus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone SE. The company decided that these gadgets had become outdated. Owners of these devices will not be denied service, because the company managed to produce enough components for them.

As the official representative of the networkstores re: Store, the termination of the release of some versions of the iPhone does not change the range of the store. The 6S Plus and 6S models are available in re: Store stores - not only online, but also offline.

As experts emphasize, even after fouryears after the release of the iPhone 6S has retained its popularity among users, although the age of the smartphone for the mobile market is significant. However, buyers continue to be interested in them. Especially if these are people who want to buy their first iPhone. So, on the shelves of the remnants of the goods will not lie, sure Apple. It is noted that in 5 years the corporation has managed to realize over 250 million iPhones of 6 different modifications.