On the envy of Tesla: a new electric SUV for extreme racing in 2021

At the annual "Festival of Speed" in Goodwin(England) Spark Racing Technology introduced the new Odyssey21 electric SUV. The novelty is designed specifically for participation in future extreme races Extreme E, by analogy with Formula E. The first season of the new racing series is scheduled for January 2021. Chmpionat extreme electric off-road vehicles, will be held in the Arctic, in the Himalayas, in the Sahara Desert, in the Amazon rain forest, and on one of the islands in the Indian Ocean.

Maximum permeability

The Odyssey21 model is based on a tubular steel alloy frame, a safety cage, as well as extreme winter and summer tires supplied by Continental.

According to the technical director of Spark Racing Technology, their new product can easily move on any type of surface: “gravel, stones, mud, ice, snow, water and sand.”

The declared capacity of the model is 558Horse power. Weight Odyssey21 - 1 650 kg. The width of the SUV - 2.3 meters. The manufacturer guarantees the ability to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds "with slopes up to 130%."

Extreme E Championship supports environmental protection and launched on social networks hashtag #racefortheplanet

Full tests of new items should begin in September this year. In March next year, 12 cars will be delivered to the teams.

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