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Which smartphone to buy up to 15,000 rubles in 2021

Although Xiaomi has created a sub-brand Poco for the release of the cheapest smartphones, personally to meI always liked them better. Not only and not so much because of the price, although it is also of considerable importance, but because of the balance, which it is not clear how the Chinese manage to keep. Indeed, in addition to the low price list, Poco devices offer the user quite decent characteristics, coupled with a really attractive appearance, which many, unlike more expensive models, do not have. And the further, the more Poco manages to surprise.

Poco M4 Pro - perhaps the best new Poco

Poco M4 Pro is perhaps the coolest smartphone forthose who want to get everything at once, but are not ready to pay big money. For the money it was priced in, you get a chic set of specs wrapped in an advanced design that is more typical of models in the higher price segment.


  • 1 Best Inexpensive Smartphone
    • 1.1 Phone with a large battery
  • 2 Inexpensive smartphone with a good camera
  • 3 Comparison of Xiaomi phones
    • 3.1 Poco M4 Pro - buy

Best low-cost smartphone

Despite the frankly low price, Poco M4 Pro equipped with a 6.6-inch display with DCI-P3 dynamic range support like flagship devices and 90 Hz mode.Yes, it's not 120Hz, but where have you ever seen such an affordable smartphone with an increased refresh rate? And here it is, which means that smoothness when working with the interface, applications and games is guaranteed.

Looking for an inexpensive yet cool smartphone? Take Poco M4 Pro

The hardware basis of the smartphone is MTK Dimensity 810 processor... In terms of performance, it is approximately equal toSnapdragon 750G. But on the other hand, the MediaTek chipset is produced not according to the 7-, but according to the 6-nm process technology, which means it has great energy efficiency and, in addition to everything, supports 5G on two SIM cards at once. Yes, in Russia this is not yet very relevant.

But first, who said that the networks of the fifthgenerations will not work with us at all? Most likely, they will work, and rather soon. Moreover, the tests have been carried out for a long time. And, secondly, it indicates the technological advancement of the "stone", which should be another reason to pay attention to the smartphone that is equipped with it.

Phone with a large battery

Powerful battery and fast charging - it's all about Poco M4 Pro

Poco devices have always been famous for their high capacity battery and high autonomy. The Poco M4 Pro continues this tradition. It is equipped with 5000 mAh batterywhich allows him to pull out 179 hours of listening to music, 33 hours of reading, 16 hours of video playback.

And with support for fast chargers up to 33W smartphone charging time 0 to 100% is less than an hour. Can your iPhone do that? Feel the difference, as they say. But the main thing is that the set already comes with a fast power supply, which will not keep you waiting long.

Inexpensive smartphone with a good camera

Poco M4 Pro has a really cool camera for its price

Poco M4 Pro camera deserves a separate discussion.The fact that she is cool catches the eye when looking at the smartphone itself. In the end, usually if the device takes pictures so-so, the manufacturer tries not to focus the consumer's attention on the external design of the camera. But here it is almost the dominant element of the entire design in general.

Looking at the Poco M4 Pro, you immediately understand what it isif not a camera phone, then at least a device with a claim to high-quality shooting. This is true. The device is equipped with four modules with a resolution of 50, 8, 2 and 2 megapixels, respectively. But numbers aren't everything. Poco M4 Pro supports many different shooting modes: portrait mode, ultra wide angle mode, macro mode and even night mode.

Interesting fact: Poco is a sub-brand of Xiaomi, which was created specifically for the release of low-cost smartphones.

Yes, yes, there is even night mode like the one used in flagship iPhonesand Google Pixel devices. The camera raises the shutter speed, and then abundantly flavors the finished picture with post-processing algorithms, and due to this, it produces a lighter photo at the output than it would have been when shooting under normal conditions.

Frontalka here, too, be healthy.The 16 megapixel module is capable of producing high-quality photos even in low light conditions, activating the program flash if necessary. And with a wide angle of view, you are guaranteed to capture everyone you want to take a photo with.

Comparison of Xiaomi phones

Poco is the same Xiaomi that is still the top

I hate synthetics, but I don't compare Poco M4 Pro I can't work with other models, given that the majority will probably choose between them:

Poco M4 Pro

  • Processor - MediaTek Dimensity 810, 6 nm
  • Memory - 4/64, 6/128 GB LPDDRX4
  • Display - 6.6 inches, DCI-P3, 90 Hz, 450 vit
  • Camera (main) - 50 MP
  • Sound - Dual Stereo Speakers
  • Battery - 5000 mAh, 33 W
  • OS - MIUI 12.5 on Android 11
  • Price - 14 600 rubles

Poco M3 Pro

  • Processor - MediaTek Dimensity 700, 7 nm
  • Memory - 4/64, 6/128 GB
  • Display - 6.5-inch, 90Hz, 400 nits
  • Camera (main) - 48 MP
  • Sound - mono speaker
  • Battery - 5000 mAh, 18 W
  • OS - MIUI 12 on Android 11
  • Price - 13 400 rubles

Poco X3 Pro

  • Processor - Snapdragon 860, 7nm
  • Memory - 6/128, 8/256 GB
  • Display - 6.67 inches, 120 Hz, 450 nits
  • Camera (main) - 48 MP
  • Sound - stereo speaker
  • Battery - 5160 mAh, 33 W
  • OS - MIUI 12 on Android 11
  • Price - 20 350 rubles

Poco M4 Pro - buy

Poco M4 Pro Best Buy On Sale

In general, one gets the full impression that PocoThe M4 Pro is designed without seams, as they say. When you look at him, you do not understand how, in general, it is possible to sew this sheet of advantages so that not a single seam is visible. After all, he is almost perfect. Design, camera, features, screen. Everything is good in it, down to the smallest trifles:

  • NFC support
  • Fingerprint scanner in the power button
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Infrared port for control of household appliances
  • 3D vibration
  • Kit with case, power supply and cable

Buy Poco M4 Pro

You can buy Poco M4 Pro at a discount only inSingles Day sale period. The sale will continue for two more days, so you have a great opportunity to get a top-end device at a bargain price. The main thing is not to forget to take the coupon from the seller's page and apply the promotional code for the discount: RUMP1500 or RUM1600... Only in this case the price will be minimal.

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