Engineers have figured out how to conduct a lie detector (2 photos)

Engineers from the University of Plymouth came up with 2methods of fraud lie detector. And not the traditional polygraph, the effectiveness of which has long been doubted. We are talking about a functional MRI that visualizes the brain. This technique reveals deception much more accurately. However, it can also be carried out using special ways of thinking.

When the brain is visualized, it is tracked.blood flow. If the subject concentrates on hiding a lie, an MRI scan will find that blood volume will increase in the areas of the brain responsible for covering information. Researchers from the University of Plymouth have come up with ways to reduce the accuracy of this particular technology.

So, a person can connect some importanta memory with an event or object that is radically different from what he wants to hide. For example, an experimental person has stolen something, and several things are shown to him, including the stolen one. His brain must react in a certain way to the stolen. However, if you link this item with any other memory or object that is not related to theft, the brain will begin to respond to a false analog, and not to the stolen "original." The second technique involves focusing on the surface description of an object, for example, on its shape or color. Thanks to this, the response of the brain itself to the object will be reduced.

The experimenters checked the results of the survey using these 2 thinking techniques. It turned out that they help reduce the accuracy of lie detection by 20%.