An American at home printed on a Lamborghini Aventador 3D printer and can be ridden

American scientist Sterling Backus with his11-year-old son decided to prove that you can get a very expensive sports car and not having hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy it. All you need is a technical education, a 3D printer that you can buy almost everywhere today, and a relatively small amount of money. Somehow seeing in the video game the model of the newest sports car Lamborghini Aventador, which in reality costs 300 thousand dollars, Backusy decided to create it in his garage.

How to build a car at home?

The real Lamborghini Aventador from which the copy was made

According to Sterlin, the main idea was to interest school students and his son, showing how interesting modern engineering and technology can be in general.

“We decided to use advanced technology tocreate a car, but tried to cope without high costs. We want to show the car in local schools so that children become interested in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. ”

His work began with buying threeprinters CR-10S, CR-105S and QIDI Xpro. Then they downloaded the models and schemes of the car from the Internet. The first two printers were used for the production of plastic parts, the last - to create parts of more durable materials. Missing parts bought in the online store eBay. There you can really buy anything.

Front and rear lights are also made of plastic.ASA, ABS and PETG. The internal parts of the Lamborghini replica are made of nylon, which the Backs are reinforced with carbon fiber. The frame of the car is made of steel.

“We wanted the car to be safe, so we made a frame of steel. Deciding to print most of the body on a 3D printer, we had to focus on durability. ”

How much is it?

In total, the project took about 20 thousanddollars. After a year and a half of work, the full-size model of the car began to resemble the original sports car worth 300 thousand dollars (20 million rubles).

As reported by 3D Printing Media Network, forexcept for wheels, engine and gearbox, all parts of the car were created on a 3D printer from environmentally friendly, tough and durable PLA plastic, which can be painted in any color. Strehling says that the car can already drive, but the test drive has not yet been carried out - the project requires some improvements.

The entire process of construction in the form of photos and videos Backups spread on your page on Facebook, as well as on the YouTube channel.

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Backus is confident that his project motivatesschoolchildren go to science and other types of technical specialties. For those who decide to repeat the idea of ​​building a car on their own, Backus gives advice. First you need to master engineering, be ready to make mistakes (in this case about 700 dollars was spent on them), and then go to YouTube. That video about the assembly of cars helped Stirling cope with their task, said the craftsman.

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