Geely Atlas Pro test. Good, but not in everything.

The Geely Atlas Pro crossover is in the top 10 most popular Chinese cars in Russia. The model is not the leader of the rating,

she takes only eighth place in it, but this is a very good result. According to Avtostat, in the first two months of this year, Atlas Pro was purchased by 959 of our compatriots.

A nice feature of the Chinese brand Geelyis the point that all their cars have a common recognizable face. Let's take the entire current model range of the company for our market: Coolray, Atlas, Atlas Pro and Tugella - cars seem to be different, but at the same time recognizable, with characteristic family features of the brand. That is, the Chinese Geely has grown, stopped rushing about in search of itself and has already chosen a clear vector for the visual development of its models.

Our hero today is Geely Atlas Pro,nice urban crossover. The manufacturer did not seek to make the model visually smaller or to give it the features of a raised hatchback. On the contrary, the designers tried to visually increase the dimensions of the Atlas Pro and emphasize its belonging to the crossovers with details. Personally, I do not really like the slightly heavy rear of the car, here it would be possible to beat it more elegantly. Perhaps it was worth making a larger angle of inclination of the rear window, slightly lowering the LED optics and even, as it is now fashionable, combining it with an LED strip. But in general, this is more of a nitpick, the car already looks good, and the rear optics, although not combined, but with an interesting pattern of its own.

Atlas Pro front with signature grilleradiator and high-quality LED headlights, on the contrary, it looks a little lightweight for such a car. It would be possible to add more brutality and make it more massive, however, then, apparently, we would have to move away from the corporate style a little. But in general, the crossover looks interesting. Yes, there are controversial points, but here, as they say, "the taste and color ...".

The interior of the crossover also has a recognizablethe style of the Chinese brand, it looks interesting and in the spirit of the times. Complex architecture front panel with many transitions and interesting details. A powerful central tunnel with large controls, but for some reason two massive handles are installed on it. The latter do not carry any functional load, and the driver - on the contrary, they even interfere a little. I note that Chinese designers, as well as their Western counterparts, began to pay more attention to details in the design. What are the door handles in the cabin, which are very elegant and with a smooth transition. In terms of materials, everything here is very good. Soft plastic in the upper part of the cabin, which is even endowed with fake stitching on the front panel, low-key neat decorative inserts, and below - even elements covered with artificial leather. Yes, hard plastic is already below the eye level, but at the same time it is clearly not cheap and also pleasant both visually and tactilely.

Behind the wheel of Geely Atlas Pro will comfortably settle downa person of almost any height and complexion. All electric adjustments of the driver's seat are enough even with a margin, and mechanical adjustments of the steering column are also enough. What Geely should be praised for is comfortable, moderately hard front seats with the right profile and good lateral support, sorry, in our case, without adjusting the lumbar support. Apparently, it was not in vain that the concern acquired Volvo, which, in my opinion, have almost perfect car seats. In Atlas Pro, the seats are not yet up to the level of the Swedish brand, but compared to other Chinese brands, they are head and shoulders above the competition. Surprisingly, Geely is probably the only Chinese car manufacturer that pays such attention to car seats, others usually make them only visually appealing, but in reality they turn out to be too soft and with a strange profile. Here we see such seats in which you can comfortably drive more than one hundred kilometers and not even get tired.


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Visibility from the Atlas Pro driver's seat is good,the racks, although thick, have an optimal angle of inclination and do not cover objects, and large side mirrors provide a good view to the rear, and we never even upset that our configuration did not have a blind spot monitoring system.

By myself with a height of 187 cm I sit down enoughfreely, as soon as my knees practically rest against the back of the front seat, but otherwise there is room. It’s not so easy with landing / disembarking from the back, the sofa is high and shifted deep into the cabin, so you have to jump up to it, trying not to hurt the body along the way. Yes, even the doors of the crossover do not cover the thresholds, so in bad weather it all resembles a test, the purpose of which is to sit down so as not to stain your trousers. Isofix anchorages are located at the edges of the rear sofa and are only slightly hidden between the cushions, so the installation of a child seat is easy. It will be spacious for a child behind a tall driver, plus you can adjust the backrest of the sofa for a comfortable fit, so everything is fine here.

The trunk in the car does not shine with its owncharacteristics, but in general, for an urban crossover, this is quite standard - 379 liters under the curtain. You can increase the loading volume by folding the backs of the rear sofa separately from the passenger compartment only, which form a flat floor. The luggage compartment itself is distinguished by the correct shape, but the loading height is large. We have an electric tailgate, but without the ability to immediately block the car after closing it.

The media system in Atlas Pro is equipped with 12.A 3-inch high-resolution IPS touchscreen display with decent brightness and contrast, good responsiveness and a decent oleophobic coating. The screen is slightly tilted, so that you can easily reach the main controls. The disadvantages include a disgusting system for automatically adjusting the brightness of the display, which removes it almost to zero during the day, which makes it very difficult to read information on the screen, and at night, on the contrary, unscrews it almost completely. As a result, you have to adjust the brightness manually.

The main menu is a largequick access cards to the main items, and a separate virtual button allows you to go to a screen with icons of various options. The system is not fast, and the manufacturer tried to hide some thoughtfulness with animation.

The car does not have its own navigation, and forthe manufacturer did not pay for the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto license, replacing all this with the EasyConnection solution. For the system to work, you will need to install the application of the same name on your smartphone, connect it via cable and run the program. Basically, it's just a screen mirroring that works on the go. EasyConnection has its own car-optimized launcher, and you can launch almost any application, including our favorite Yandex.Navigator. The disadvantages of this solution are that your device must always be unlocked, and the picture broadcast from your smartphone occupies only a third of the entire screen of the media system. In addition, this solution has some difficulties with compatibility with devices running the latest OS versions. So, Google Pixel 6 Pro seemed to connect to the system correctly, but, apart from the launcher, nothing else worked. And the image from the iPhone 13 Pro was duplicated only in vertical orientation and did not respond to the rotation of the device. I hope that these are temporary bugs that will be fixed with the release of EasyConnection updates.

But the most unpleasant moment for me was the friezespictures from the all-round camera. Imagine, you are backing up, looking at a cool clear picture from the rear view camera and at some point you realize that the image on the screen does not change, although it would be time, and the parking sensors suddenly start to screech heart-rendingly, warning of a short distance. It’s good that I only had friezes of the system a couple of times, it’s good that, from old memory, despite the presence of even a very decent camera, I focus more on mirrors, otherwise I could drive into someone inadvertently.

Connecting smartphones via Bluetooth tothe car's media system does not cause problems, including the import of contacts. The speakerphone works flawlessly, and the interlocutors do not complain that you or passengers are hard to hear. There are four USB-A sockets in the car for recharging gadgets, two in the front of the cabin and two available for your passengers in the back. Ahead, USB connectors are located under the central tunnel, the main one is closer to the driver, which is logical. Modern gadgets are charged from the on-board network quite quickly, so there is no particular need for additional adapters.

Place the phone in front of the caryou can only on the lower tier of the central tunnel, there is a large area with a rubberized coating, so that your smartphone will not crawl. On top there is only a small niche in which the smartphone can only be placed sideways, which is inconvenient, and it dangles there.


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Despite the presence in the car of a virtualdashboard, presented in the form of a rectangular 7-inch display, there is practically no sense from such an innovation. With a digital tidy, you cannot work with multimedia data or even a phone book. Incoming calls are also not duplicated on the dashboard. As a result, the screen is needed here only to display basic information and on-board computer data. One of the nice bonuses is the ability to choose one of three design themes, which by default are tied to driving modes, but you can set them separately from the settings.

As for driver assistants, in ourpicking them was a very modest set. There was the most common cruise control with a speed limiter, front and rear parking sensors and a surround view camera. I already wrote about the camera above, it has a high-quality picture, it has markup, it even makes it possible to turn a virtual car, but it freezes, albeit rarely, but it is very unpleasant and, most importantly, unsafe.

Climate control in Atlas Pro in all trim levelsdual-zone, some of its main controls are placed under the screen in the form of large convenient buttons. The bulk of the settings exist virtually and are displayed on the screen of the media system. In general, there are no special problems when working with climate control here. The temperature data for the two zones is always displayed on the displays, and you can change it from the driver's side by pressing the physical rocker key. Yes, to enable / disable the three-level heating of the front seats, you need to click on the small icon on the screen and perform actions in the menu that opens, but this does not cause any particular inconvenience. In the car, both the pillow and the back of the front seats are evenly warmed up, and at the maximum it fries quite strongly. For rear passengers, separate two-level heating of the rear sofa is activated by physical keys.

Climate system in automatic modeworks well, requiring almost no intervention in the process. For rear passengers, separate air ducts are available with a wheel for adjusting the intensity of the airflow.

In terms of comfort, Atlas Pro is better than some of its ownbrothers from the Celestial Empire, in most cases it is quiet in the cabin, and even on the highway you can calmly talk to passengers without raising your voice. The suspension is also very good, it almost completely dampens small and medium-sized bumps, but thoroughly shakes passengers when hitting ledges and potholes with sharp edges. In the tunnel on the Volokolamsk Highway, I almost had to stop in front of rough joints, as hitting them at speed was very strong and rude in the cabin.

In Russia, Geely Atlas Pro is presented in twomodifications - as in our test, with a 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder gasoline engine with 177 hp, a classic six-speed automatic and front-wheel drive, as well as in a modification with the same power plant, supplemented by a mild hybrid system, a seven-speed robot and all-wheel drive .

Our version is a typical crossover for the city:front-wheel drive, good ground clearance of 171 mm and a classic automatic. The engine-gearbox combination is perfectly tuned here, the engine power is enough for you both in the city and on the highway, and the machine always quickly and clearly reacts to the situation, only thinking a little when kickdown. Despite the fact that the engine is a three-cylinder, there are no extra vibrations from it, and the noise level is low. Geely says that this motor was developed in conjunction with Volvo.

In control, Atlas Pro is quite good forcrossover, it clearly responds to steering deviations, the electric booster works without delay, and on the arc the car follows a precisely defined trajectory. In dynamic mode, the car is also not bad, but adjusted for the fact that it is still a crossover. And also it is worth noting the good brakes in Geely, the car slows down quickly, but at the same time smoothly, without distortions.

Fuel consumption in mixed driving mode I averaged about 9 liters per 100 km with the manufacturer's declared 7.4 liters per hundred. Atlas Pro needs to be filled with at least 95.

Based on the prices published onofficial website of Geely Russia, the front-wheel drive Geely Atlas Pro in the initial configuration should cost 2,758,990 rubles, and the older Luxury, as we have on the test, will cost 2,878,990 rubles. If you take advantage of all the special offers of the automaker, you can get a total discount of 400,000 rubles.

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