Ahead of enthusiasts, Samsung demonstrated the "insides" of the Galaxy S20 Ultra (video)

Without waiting for the appearance, which have already becometraditional, a video about the complete analysis of new models for component parts by iFixit specialists, Samsung was ahead of the schedule and presented a branded video showing the internal design of the Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone and the main design details of the flagship.

First of all, the video shows the mainThe smartphone’s part, which is used to control and communicate with the device, is the AMOLED display (Quad HD +), which, with the Galaxy S20 Ultra, supports a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

Directly below the screen is the battery and cooling system. To work with fifth-generation networks, antennas are installed along the side faces of the smartphone.

Further in the video, the main camera unit is considered, in which there are four sensors mounted on a removable compact platform, which, in turn, is installed on the motherboard.

Samsung’s demo video builds anddisassembling the Galaxy S20 Ultra is extremely simple, without the expense of effort: the cables are easily detachable, the module blocks are easily removed. At the same time, an abundance of glue is not observed inside the smartphone, which is typical for all modern mobile gadgets. How this video is true, iFixit experts will show in the near future.

Source: Samsung