Xiaomi electric shaver is able to work up to 6 months on a single charge (3 photos)

Once again, the developers of Xiaomi pleasedfans of the brand with an unusual and extremely useful device, presented on the Youpin crowdfunding platform traditionally at a low price. The Xiaomi T1 Razor electric razor, released in the form factor of a traditional razor, will provide men with high-quality shaving for six months.

The original razor is housed inanodized aluminum and has an antibacterial coating. The T1 Razor received six parallel blades and a FlowSensing sensor that responds to water flow and controls the motor when the blades vibrate during shaving. The head of the draytva can move 30 degrees, which allows it to fit snugly to the skin and provide high-quality shaving.

The electric shaver motor works withfrequency of 12,000 rpm, and autonomous power is provided by two AAA batteries. One set of batteries is sufficient for offline use with active use for 6 months. The Xiaomi T1 Razor razor body is IPX7 waterproof, which allows you to wash your device under the tap right after shaving. The T1 Razor gadget went on sale for $ 20.

Source: igeekphone