Created flexible batteries for mobile wearable devices (video)

Developers are actively conducting research onthe creation of new batteries that meet the requirements of modern wearable gadgets. Batteries should be durable, lightweight, compact and resistant to fire. Existing lithium-ion batteries do not always meet the technical parameters necessary for miniature wearable gadgets. Scientists from the United States have created an elastic polymer battery that can withstand numerous cyclic compressive, tensile or bending stresses.

The early development of polymer batteries wasflexible enough, however, during operation, in some cases they leaked and could initiate a fire. A group of researchers from Stanford University eliminated the shortcomings of early prototypes using a uniform elastic polymer that can withstand mechanical stress and maintain constant power.

When using new batteries, you canapply various loads that do not affect performance. At the same time, the elastic form factor of the battery allows you to adapt the battery to the body of wearable devices of various configurations.

Such batteries will be indispensable as for sensors that must fit snugly to the body to accurately measure parameters such as pressure, heart rate, or other physiological parameters.

Currently flexible polymer batteriesThey have half the capacity of similar-sized lithium-ion batteries. Further improvement of the parameters of the power source will allow replacing traditional batteries on wearable devices with batteries that are more resistant to mechanical influences.

Source: ndtv