Xiaomi announced a 3D book about Harry Potter (3 photos)

22 years of Joan Rowling's book on the littlethe wizard and his friends are excited by the children's and adult reading worlds. Of course, interest in the adventures of Harry Potter and his best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger no longer burns like that, but it seems that this bonfire is not destined to die out soon. Moreover, it is fueled by the release of ever new reprints of 6 basic books and their adaptation in 8 films.

Chinese technology giant Xiaomi“Went into the gap” compared to other promoters of Joan Rowling and presented a “atypical” novelty - a 3D book about the adventures of the young wizard Harry Potter. And although there have already been attempts to create similar publications, the Chinese have their own characteristics.

According to publishers, the size of a 3D book about HarryPotter is closed - 24 x 29 x 6 cm, but if you open it - and its area will increase significantly (108 x 87 cm with a minimum of thickness). Xiaomi's novelty will allow the reader to travel across five locations, namely: through the village and forest, through the Quidditch field and tower, as well as through the main Hogwarts castle.

Xiaomi's 3D book unfoldsabout 70 scenes from different episodes of "Potter"; it differs from most similar 3D books in the number of parts. Earlier editions of other manufacturers consist of 200-300 parts, while the novelty from China contains almost 1000 of them.

Introducing the novelty, the developers reported that readers would have to use 3D glasses to view individual scenes, and when moving individual pages an interactive effect would be created.

The cost of one copy is 328 yuan, or 47 dollars.

Source: gizmochina