Folding Galaxy Fold with a flexible screen will be on sale soon (7 photos)

At the end of last year, Samsung Corporationa closed event for selected guests was shown a prototype of their first foldable smartphone, Galaxy Fold, and its commercial version was announced earlier this year. However, the first models of the device with a flexible screen, which fell into the hands of journalists, very quickly failed. As a result, the mass production of Galaxy Fold was postponed until the elimination of design flaws, quickly leading to damage to an expensive smartphone.

As Samsung now says, the company's engineersfinalized the design of new items. In the near future, the manufacturer will begin to sell the updated version. Buy a modified Galaxy Fold will be available in September. The gadget, as before, will cost the declared $ 1980.

It is reported that the protective top layer at the screenModified smartphone expanded beyond the face of its front panel. It is assumed that so users will understand that now it is an integral structural part of the display, not intended for removal.

In addition, the developers have improved the protection of GalaxyFold from getting foreign elements inside. Thus, the lower and upper parts of the hinges were reinforced with new protective caps. The screen is protected by additional metal substrates. In this case, the developer has reduced the free space between the body and the hinge gadget. All this should remove the risks of an early breakdown of the collapsible flagship.