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Why I changed my attitude towards vacuum cleaners

When a lot of dust accumulates in a house, and inIn urban conditions, this happens in a couple of days, it turns into a hotbed of all the most harmful that can only be in the air. These are allergens, toxic particles, pollen and other small debris that flies in the air and that we breathe. Often people are in no hurry to clean up due to the fact that there is no time for this. It seems that you can do it on the weekend, but for now it's normal. This is due to the fact that for this you need to pull out a large vacuum cleaner, which must be plugged in, then, if the apartment is large, you need to switch it, and generally spend a lot of time on cleaning. There is a way to get out quickly and not even deny yourself doing it every day.

This vacuum cleaner makes you reconsider your attitude to all vacuum cleaners.


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How I feel about Dyson vacuum cleaners

Many know that Dyson is almost like apple, only a vacuum cleaner. Although, under this brand, other devices are also produced. For example, my first acquaintance with the Dyson technique occurred when I came across an Airblade dryer in the famous Munich Hofbräuhaus. This was already about 10 years ago and since then I have been very respected by the company. A few years ago, I even bought a vacuum cleaner from this company and I really liked it.

The other day I started using the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro vacuum cleaner. I already had experience with a similar typevacuum cleaners, but I realized that Dyson is Dyson, and the rest is something similar. Now I will talk about this vacuum cleaner and share my impressions in more detail.

Review of the vacuum cleaner Dyson V11 Absolute Pro

I'll start with the small features that you needKeep in mind when buying this vacuum cleaner. Despite the low weight of only three kilograms, this vacuum cleaner hangs almost all the time in the hand. Yes, the brush rests on the floor and rolls over it, but the body with the motor and battery should still be held in hand. For some other brands, all this is located below and a little less effort is spent on cleaning, but this is where the advantages of this arrangement end.

In the hand the vacuum cleaner lies comfortably.

The disadvantages are the inability to easily changenozzles, remove the pipe and use a compact vacuum cleaner to clean the furniture and climb into hard-to-reach places. Plus, the battery and motor in the handle are placed so that the device is very well balanced. Simply put, such a scheme, which is used in the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro, is much more universal, and turns the vacuum cleaner from a simple electric broom into a real combine for combating dust and dirt in the house.

If you go a little deeper into the characteristics, firstIt is worth noting the 0.76 liter container. Even if there is large debris, such as crumbs or dirt from shoes, such a volume is not enough for one cleaning, and an easy cleaning system that shakes out the garbage in one motion will make it possible not to get your hands dirty in this process.

He pulled the lever and the vacuum cleaner literally spat out the trash.

The noise level of the vacuum cleaner is only 84 dB, andbattery life reaches 60 minutes. This is enough to remove at least half of even the largest apartment. It will turn out to remove one-room and two-room without recharging the vacuum cleaner. For charging, a docking station is used, which is hung on the wall. It is possible to simply connect the wire in the old fashioned way, but hardly anyone will want to do this.

These are cyclones and they make the vacuum cleaner very powerful.

14 cyclones located in the upper part, notjust create good traction, but also bring it to 79 000g. If you don’t know what it is, I’ll just say that it is a very powerful suction force. The engine also works very powerfully and spins up to 125,000 rpm.

To display all the information usedLCD display at the top of the case, which is facing the user. It also displays notifications, for example, a reminder of the need for charging. Also, in real time, the remaining operating time and maintenance tips are displayed. Under the screen there is a button for switching modes, including suction force. The choice of mode will maximize autonomy by adjusting the intensity of cleaning. By pressing a button, the modes can be switched sequentially.

The screen displays everything the user needs.

Another important point is that youYou can forget about consumables. Not only do the filters filter out even the smallest particles, but they also do not need to be changed. They are cleaned, but there is not even a bag in this vacuum cleaner. Filters are very effective and able to trap 99.97% of particles with a diameter of up to 0.3 microns. So you can imagine some viruses that are not even visible in every microscope.

As a general makes his army special, so it is. Do not talk about nozzles, each of which in itself is a separate gadget, simply impossible.

Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner nozzles

In total, there are nine nozzles and two accessories complete with a vacuum cleaner in order to clean any corner of the house - from a huge carpet with a thick pile to a narrow slit in the sofa.

The most interesting thing was the nozzle withsoft roller. It looks so bombing that it’s even a pity to start fighting it with dust and stain it. In addition to choosing a beautiful combination of colors for her, she is still so soft that she can remove even the most delicate surfaces and not damage them.

Such beauty is even a pity to vacuum.

High torque nozzle designedin order to remove dust from almost any floor surface - be it parquet, laminate or carpet. There are two types of bristles on the rotating bead - red and black. The first is more rigid, and the second is soft, but directional. Together they pick up dust from any surface. For this nozzle, there is even a special automatic mode that will regulate the speed of rotation of the roller. It automatically exchanges data with the microprocessor of the engine and battery and changes the cleaning settings. This will save charge on hard surfaces and enable maximum performance when cleaning deep carpets.

Two types of fibers allow you to clean carpets and hard floors as efficiently as possible.

There is also a mini-brush with a rotating roller. It is necessary for cleaning furniture from animal hair, dirt and dust. It is impossible not to mention that the roller is pulled out of the brush in order to clean it and, say, remove the winding threads or six fluffy cats. This used to be a big problem. Now all three compact nozzles with rollers are disassembled by turning one latch.

Here are so many brushes, nozzles and adapters included with the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro

There are other nozzles in the kit, namely: a brush with soft bristles (for delicate surfaces and equipment), a brush with stiff bristles (for rougher cleaning), a combined nozzle (for cleaning grates, tables, hard furniture and the like) and a crevice nozzle for bottlenecks. There is even a flexible crevice nozzle and adapter for cleaning hard-to-reach spots.

In the kit there is also a clip for attaching nozzles to the pipe of the vacuum cleaner. So they are easier to store and not lose. Two storage places are also available at the dock.

So store the vacuum cleaner is very convenient. Hanging, taking up space, charging. What else does?

What is a good vacuum cleaner Dyson

Speaking about the Dyson vacuum cleaner, it's easier to say than hebad. Personally, I have only one quibble left - the wire. It’s necessary to put up with the fact that it stretches from the docking station to the outlet or think in advance how to “pack” it into the wall. Otherwise, there are no complaints. This is a great vacuum cleaner. Let it cost 45,000 rubles, but this does not negate the fact that they want to use it again and again.

Even a vacuum cleaner pipe is almost a work of art.

It lies perfectly in the hand, has high powersuction even at minimum mode. And most importantly, he has a lot of nozzles for literally everything, and for transferring rotation to them, the contacts are so built into the structural elements that you literally don’t notice them.

Have you had any experience with this kind of vacuum cleaner? If so, let's discuss this in our Telegram chat. Do you like it or is the classic with a wire better?

Someone will say that 60 minutes of work is not enough. On the other hand, who vacuums an apartment or even a small house for more than 60 minutes? Plus, if you do it regularly, you definitely won’t have to do it for so long.

Of course, this vacuum cleaner will not drive for youon the floor and pretend that removes dirt. It is just convenient for doing it yourself and not to delay cleaning until the weekend. And at the same time it will replace you with a conventional wired vacuum cleaner. Sprinkled salt in the kitchen - collected. Shocked dirt from shoes - collected. The cat slept on the armchair and left the hair - collected. So simple. No wonder everyone says that the Dyson vacuum cleaner is like an iPhone. Dear, but very intelligibly explains why it costs so much.