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Why do many people in the world have doppelgangers

There are many men and women among celebrities,which are like two drops of water similar to each other. A great example is the similarity of actresses Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley - some people do not see the difference between them at all. The same similarities exist among ordinary people, and you may well run into your doppelgänger while walking. The presence of similar features in appearance is very easy to explain if people are close relatives. But how can one explain the fact that two completely different people who live hundreds and even thousands of kilometers from each other and their relatives have never seen each other have similarities in appearance? Scientists believe that the reason lies in the same genes. This was recently proven in a very interesting experiment.

Actresses Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley - can you immediately understand who is where?

How to find your doppelgänger

For millennia, meeting withdouble was considered a miracle. Moreover, the existence of not relatives, but ideally similar people was perceived by many as something mystical. Everything changed only when trains and other modes of transport appeared, which allowed men and women to travel for the purpose of "seeing people and showing themselves." Even more doubles in the world were discovered after the advent of the Internet and social networks, in which everyone can publish their photos and look at others.

Actresses Margot Robbie and Jaime Pressly

For several years now, neural networks have existed,which allow you to find your doppelgänger on the Internet. A person uploads their photo, after which the system compares it with millions of other pictures and shows people with the same faces. Unfortunately, in order to protect privacy, such services are already closed to ordinary people, but the fact remains that every person has many doubles. If you want to be sure, you can try the search for a double in paintings in the Arts & Culture app (available for iOS and Android).

The Arts & Culture app lets you find your doppelgänger in works of art

Interesting fact: there is a conspiracy theory that Beatles member Paul McCartney is dead and has been replaced with a doppelgänger. Read the details here.

Why do people's faces look so similar

The exact reason why many peoplesimilar faces unknown to scientists. But they know for sure that the limitations in face difference are imposed by genetics. It is quite logical to assume that twins have the same set of genes that are responsible for the structure of the face and other parts of the body. So, even if two people are not related to each other, they can still be very similar.

Recently, scientists have proven this in the course of scientific workwith real doppelgangers. People with the same facial features have been found in the works of Canadian photographer François Brunelle, who has been photographing doubles since 1999. In total, 16 similar couples were recruited - they filled out a lifestyle questionnaire and submitted saliva samples for DNA testing.

Doubles in photographs by Francois Brunel

The study showed that doppelgangers are indeedhave similar genotypes. Moreover, many of the volunteers turned out to have identical heights and other body features. In addition, the twins led a surprisingly similar lifestyle: the level of education, attitudes towards smoking and character did not differ much. Based on this, scientists concluded that genes affect not only the appearance, but also the habits and behavior of a person.

To be fair, it should be noted thatthe study was far from perfect. The results of scientific work would be many times more accurate if the number of volunteers were larger and they were from different parts of the world. And so, there were not even twenty people, and they were mostly from European countries. Perhaps someday the study will be re-conducted, and these limitations will be taken into account.

Why are more twins being born in the world? Here is the explanation.

How doppelgangers can help society

In general, scientists believe that this kind of scientificThe work is very important, and one cannot but agree with this. The fact is that the results of studying the genes of similar people can be useful in medicine and forensics. In the first case, doctors will be able to find out about the presence of certain genes in a person just by looking at his photograph. In the second case, the genetic data of the doubles will be useful in the investigation of crimes.

Scientists believe that such discoveries will be useful in medicine and forensics.

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It should be noted that this is not a perfectpeople similar to each other. The fact is that the probability that two people have the same eight facial features is one in a trillion. More about why it is difficult to meet two people in the world that are like two drops of water, we talked about in this material. Read right now!