Windows 11 is being optimized for portable game consoles (6 photos + video)

The network got a video with a possible gamingWindows 11 interface, which is designed for use in portable consoles similar to Steam Deck. A test version of the interface was shown by a Microsoft employee as part of the Microsoft Hackathon event.

A hackathon at Microsoft is a collectivebrainstorming when employees present their ideas for improving a particular product. As part of such an event, Windows Handheld Mode appeared - an interface optimized for work on portable consoles. Usually all the information stays inside the company, but today a video with a game mode got into the network thanks to a Twitter user under the nickname @_h0x0d.

Windows Handheld Mode is designed to be controlled fromusing traditional console buttons and provides quick access to games. As planned by the developers, it can be configured once, and then activated as needed. After turning it on, the quick access panel for games opens, the custom key binding and the preset processor performance mode are activated.