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What are the streets and houses treated with coronavirus?

Today in the world there is no place whererun away from the coronavirus and news about it. The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has affected the whole world and, unfortunately, will not go anywhere in the near future. I often remind myself of this, but it does not yet fit into my head that, perhaps, I will have to spend the whole summer without leaving home. It is especially difficult to get used to the need to constantly disinfect door handles, plastic bottles, clothes and not touch your face. But if at home we are safe or think we are safe, then what awaits us on the street? Surely you noticed that the streets of cities around the world are sanitized daily - especially public places and surfaces that people often touch.

Worker disinfects a kindergarten playground in Guangzhou, China


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How is the world struggling with the spread of CoVID-19?

One of the most effective ways to deal withthe spread of the new coronavirus is the disinfection of surfaces, especially metal and plastic, since the virus can survive on them for up to three days. More information on which surfaces CoVID-19 is stored the longest can be found in the article by Daria Eletskaya. One way or another, today our knowledge about this infectious virus is enough to ensure that disinfection teams fall around the world at kindergartens, government offices, churches, markets, mosques, airports and public roads. Teams of workers in protective suits, as a rule, spray low-temperature special mixtures from trucks, sprinklers, unmanned aerial vehicles and even robots.

According to Business Insider, experts in the fieldPublic health officials believe that mass disinfection of surfaces that many people usually touch, such as in hospitals, schools, and religious places, helps kill the virus. At the time of this writing, CoVID-19 has spread to over 100 countries. In total, more than 400,000 people are infected in the world, and the death toll has exceeded 20,000. We remind you that we have collected basic information about the new coronavirus and how many people have faced the disease face-to-face in our special material, which is updated daily.

But what exactly does the streets and public disinfectplaces? In many cities, special teams use a mixture of bleach and water. According to the World Health Organization, spraying such mixtures can harm clothing and mucous membranes (mouth, eyes, nose). At the same time, alcohol and bleach are really effective in combating the new coronavirus and clean the surface. For this reason, disinfection is carried out by people in special suits who follow the rules for handling chemicals. In this article we have collected for you photos of disinfection of streets, airports, schools and public transport from around the world.

Bleaching powder - This is a mixture of several compounds at once, which is often called bleach. Today bleach is widely used for bleaching and disinfection, as well as for removing limescale.

Disinfection in China

China is the honored capital of cyberpunk

To cities and towns throughout China, includingShanghai, Beijing and Wuhan, sanitary brigades were sent to disinfect streets and public places. So, in addition to trucks filled with solutions of bleach and water, workers in protective masks drive a robotic disinfectant sprayer on the streets on self-balancing scooters. Cyberpunk, not otherwise.

Disinfection in South Korea

Worker disinfects market, South Korea

Today, mortality rates from the newcoronaviruses in South Korea are among the lowest in the world (1.1%). Experts believe that mass testing of the population, as well as the observance of quarantine by citizens, contribute to the effective fight against CoVID-19.

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Disinfection in Italy

Workers disinfect public vaporetto at a depot of the Venice Transport Company in Venice, Italy

Italy has suffered more than other countries due toCoVID-19 outbreaks are still its epicenter. According to various estimates, the death toll due to coronavirus in this country reaches up to 7% and even 8%. and the strictest quarantine was introduced in Italy at the time of writing, and it is forbidden to leave the house without a good reason (work, shopping for food or in a pharmacy). However, the good news is that quarantine is working and the number of new infections is decreasing every day.

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Disinfection in Iran

Medical team sprays disinfectant in Imam Reza Temple after coronavirus outbreak in Mashhad, Iran

Over 27 thousand cases recorded in Irannew coronavirus disease and more than two thousand deaths. For a long time, Iran took the second place after Italy in the number of infected and dead, but today the country has given way to the USA, Spain and Germany.

Disinfection in Russia

An employee disinfects an electric bus in the Moscow trolleybus depot No. 6

At the time of this writing, in Russia840 cases of the new coronavirus were registered, and on March 25, 2020, the President of the Russian Federation declared the week from March 28 to April 5 non-working. Recall that schools and universities transferred to home schooling until April 12. Recently, disinfecting brigades and sprinklers can be seen on the streets of Russian cities.