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How does sleep disturbance affect heart function?

In the next few days, until about April 5,we all risk breaking our sleep patterns. And the thing is that in the hope of slowing down the spread of coronavirus, a whole week of days off was announced in Russia. Many of us will stay at home and most of them will most likely want to watch TV shows or play computer games for days on end. As a result, we will stop going to bed at the usual time for us, for which the body is unlikely to be grateful to us. Recently, American scientists decided to find out how sleep disturbance affects the cardiovascular system. The forecasts are disappointing - if we go to bed 30 minutes later than usual, the risk of sudden death immediately rises.

Sleep disturbance can damage heart function

Weekend in Russia will last from March 28 to April 5. All these days will be paid and will not affect the duration of the weekend on holidays. Grocery stores, pharmacies and banks will continue to work as usual, but before going out, it is important to familiarize yourself with these recommendations and strictly follow them.

Harm of sleep disturbance

How disturbed sleep patterns affecthuman heart, was written in the scientific journal Digital Medicine. Scientists led by Louis Faust monitored the pulse and bedtime of 557 students, collecting data through their fitness bracelets. Since the participants in the study were very active and comprehensively developed young people, scientists were able to record many cases of sleep disturbance. Some of the volunteers liked to go to bed early, and some stayed up until late at night and ultimately suffered from lack of sleep.

Inadequate sleep can also cause health problems. Shot from the movie “Fight Club”

During observations, researchers found that if students fell asleep 30 minutes earlier and more, in the first hours of sleep, their heartbeat was significantly accelerated. However, during the first hours of sleep, their pulse calmed down, and after 7 hours it was completely slower than usual. But if the students went to bed 30 minutes later and more, their heart rate increased and notthe flesh calmed down until the evening of the next day. As a result, it turns out that when a person lies down at a time that is not familiar to him, he unconsciously accelerates the beating of his heart. And the more often it beats, the higher the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Why is a heartbeat dangerous?

How disturbed sleep speeds uppalpitations, scientists still do not know. In general, at the moment, it is important that even lying down 30 minutes later than usual, we harm our body. It is believed that the heart of a healthy person makes 60-80 beats per minute, and if this indicator is higher, it means that a person has developed tachycardia. This symptom, which is characterized by frequentpalpitations can develop into a huge number of serious diseases. Indeed, with an increased heart rate, the ventricles of the heart do not have time to fill up with blood, which reduces the flow of blood to the organs. As a result, a person has an increased risk of heart attack - the heart may die due to a lack of blood and stop.

Recently, we wrote about what pulse is considered normal in a person. We recommend that you read this article because the term “normal heartbeat” may not exist.

Our well-being and our whole life depend on how well our heart works.

In general, the effects of palpitations mayto be different. For example, frequent heartbeats can become a big burden on the walls of arteries that carry oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the organs. Over time, blood vessels can become stiff and the heart will have to make more efforts to transport blood. A few years of such hard work and the heart just might stop.

Arteries - These are blood vessels that carry blood from the heart to the organs. They should not be confused with veinsthat carry blood back to the side of the heart.

How to restore sleep mode?

In general, adults are advised to sleep 7-9hours a day. But from now on, it is important to understand that not only the duration of sleep is important for our health, but also the severity of its beginning and end. So, if you want to get enough sleep and get up at 7 in the morning, you should fall asleep daily exactly at 22:00. It should be borne in mind that in order to fall asleep, many of us need 10-20 minutesso go to bed at about 21:30. Before sending to bed, you should put the phone aside, because blue radiation can make it difficult to go to bed. Instead, however trite it may sound, it is better to read a book.

From myself I want to say that work out the rightsleep mode helped me, no matter how strange it sounds, TV shows. I chose the series, which I was always attracted to watching, and turned it on at exactly 21:00, while straightening the bed. After 40 minutes, the series ended and I immediately went to bed. In the morning I got up right away with the alarm ringing, no matter how hard it was for me. Over time, the habit of lying down and getting up at the same time was successfully developed.

Maybe you, too, somehow developed the correct sleep mode? Share your tips in the comments or in our Telegram chat, today they are more than ever useful and important.

A worked out schedule is necessarystick always. After all, as we already understood from everything written above, even a violation of the regime for 30 minutes can accelerate the heartbeat until the evening of the next day. Here discipline is already helping - even during quarantine it is important to realize that after sleep disturbance you are unlikely to feel good. So, during quarantine, it is highly recommended to maintain a good sleep, eat right and exercise daily. In the meantime, if you still have time, we recommend that you watch the 2011 Infection movie - we recently wrote about it.