Unofficial information about the upcoming presentation of the Sony PlayStation 5 in August 2020

As you approach the new market entry datemodels of game consoles from the high-tech giants Sony and Microsoft, companies are pursuing an increasingly active information policy, divulging more and more new data on future gaming bestsellers PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Insiders trying to be the first to report news about game consoles do not stand aside, which is scheduled for Christmas holidays.

Representative of VentureBeat, Jeff Grubb,almost always provides timely and reliable insider information about the plans of leading companies in the gaming industry, which, in addition to Sony and Microsoft, include Nintendo.

The latest message from Grabb states thatSony plans to hold the next branded event in June. Earlier, the date was announced on June 4, but later adjustments were made to the company's plans, and a new date was not indicated. The event was supposed to be completely dedicated to the PlayStation 5 games, however, the presentation of the console itself was not announced.

According to Grabb’s information,A detailed presentation of the PlayStation 5 console will be held by Sony in August at the next State of Play conference, which will also feature game applications developed in the bowels of Sony.

Thus, we can assume thatthe June conference, which was postponed indefinitely, and the State of Play event in August, will become the platform on which Sony will reveal the full specifications of the PlayStation 5. The price of the console will most likely be announced at the August conference.

Microsoft developers have already introduced manythe technical and design characteristics of the Xbox Series X console, but do not stop there, and on June 9-10, during the planned corporate event, they will provide fans with even more information about the future console. Further presentation of the technical capabilities of the console and its gameplay are expected at the presentation of Xbox Game Studios, scheduled for July.

Nintendo news is not so optimistic. It is reported that with a high degree of probability the presentation of E3 Nintendo Direct scheduled for June will be canceled. The developers have not yet decided on the Nintendo Direct update strategy. Meanwhile, the company can conduct gaming applications for Switch at any time, following the example of the recently presented sixth part of the role-playing game from the Mario universe, announced last week under the name Paper Mario: Origami King.

Source: venturebeat