LG Velvet - a new look at the smartphone: fewer numbers, more design

LG has announced a smartphone calledLG Velvet. Or, more precisely, not the smartphone itself, but a certain idea of ​​a new product, whose distinguishing feature is not another victory in the race of gigahertz, megapixels and gigabytes, but an outstanding design and “tactile elegance”. Apparently, this should be understood as a desire to do a thing that is nice to hold in your hands. Definitely a commendable undertaking, but the LG Velvet itself does not say anything.

Slightly extends the boundaries of awareness ofThe company's plans for a previous publication in the news section on the LG website. It also does not provide any specific information about the new product (or new items), however it contains images.

The term “Raindrop” in camera designfound in relation to these pictures, and in the design description LG Velvet. So we can assume that the sketches presented here will be embodied in the exterior of the new model, but rather a whole family of devices.

Officially, nothing similar to the date of the announcement of the model in the flesh has been announced, but according to rumors, something similar is scheduled for May 15.

Tatyana Kobelskaya