Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation predicts the end of anonymity on the Internet (3 photos)

Minister of Culture of Russia Vladimir Medinskyshared his thoughts about anonymity on the world wide web, arguing that in the future access to any resources will be possible only through an identifier assigned to a person by his state.

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This opinion was shared by the Minister after the issue ofpirated shows of films on the Internet. The official stressed that a simple ban on any actions will not give the desired effect, it is necessary to introduce more stringent measures to prevent "excessive freedom". Medinsky guarantees that access to the Internet by ID will be introduced soon, although he noted that his department does not in any way affect the appearance of this procedure. In addition, a new measure may appear throughout the world.

Earlier, the head of Roskomnadzor spoke withdenial of freedom and anonymity of a person using instant messengers. Alexander Zharov noted that as soon as you give access to the list of contacts, it becomes easy to identify your person.