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The skeleton of a huge animal was found on the coast of Scotland. What it is?

In April 2021, a resident of the ScottishSouth Uist Island walked with her dog and found the skeleton of a huge animal on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The find surprised her very much, so she asked her sister who could own such huge bones. Despite the education of an oceanologist, the girl could not accurately answer this question and only assumed that the skeleton belonged to a whale washed ashore. To find the exact answer, she turned to Twitter users and was surprised at how popular her post about the remains of a mysterious creature turned out to be. In a very short time, the question received thousands of likes and comments, among which there were very interesting options. Let's consider the most fantastic assumptions, and in the end we will find out the truth - in the end, users were still able to recognize the animal.

The skeleton of a mysterious animal was found in Scotland. Who do you think it belongs to?


  • 1 Skeleton of a mysterious animal
    • 1.1 Loch Ness Monster
    • 1.2 Kraken
    • 1.3 Krayt Dragon
    • 1.4 Sperm whale

The skeleton of a mysterious animal

An unusual find on the coast of Scotland wasreported in the Daily Star. While walking with her golden retriever, the Scotswoman found the bones of a mysterious creature. Judging by the photographs, it was a very large creature - its spine was longer and larger than a dog, which also cannot be called small. Most likely, during his lifetime, the mysterious creature had a length of several tens of meters. It is a pity that the skeleton was not completely preserved and the rest of the bones were obviously washed away with water. The presence of other bones would speed up the recognition of the animal.

Mysterious bones from a different angle

Loch Ness monster

The woman was surprised by the find and sentphotos of her sister, oceanographer Polly Burns. She was not sure of her assumption that it was the remains of a whale, so she posted the pictures on Twitter. In a very short time, her post received over 15,000 likes and 1,000 comments. Most people, of course, started talking about the Loch Ness Monster. The legend about this creature just arose in Scotland and people still hope to meet him. Recently they started talking about this monster again, which I talked about in this article. Be sure to read at your leisure - at the same time you will learn what cryptozoology is and how the world-famous legend in general originated.

Photo of the Loch Ness Monster 1934


More daring assumptions have arisen, but we have notwe will take them seriously. For example, someone mentioned the kraken - a sea monster in the form of a cephalopod mollusk that is found in Icelandic mythology. However, references to the kraken can be found even in scientific documents. In 1735, the Swedish scientist Karl Linnaeus listened to sailors and included the kraken in his book The System of Nature, giving it the name Microcosmus marinus. Only later did he remove the mention of the creature under pressure from his colleagues, because there is no evidence of the existence of the kraken.

Kraken as seen by the artist

Krayt Dragon

You can also meet fans in the comments to the post.Star Wars. They jokingly suggested that the woman had managed to find the remains of the Krayt Dragon. So in the Star Wars universe it is customary to call reptiles that live on the planet Tatooine. According to legend, they live in the mountains and can grow up to 5 meters in length and 2 tons in mass. Their lifespan is about 100 standard years and they are very ferocious predators. Of course, this is all a joke. We don't live on Tatooine, do we?

Krayt dragon in the movie

Relatively recently, a mysterious skeleton has also been found in Antarctica. I wrote more about him in this article.

Sperm whale

Also in the comments you can find the mentionsperm whales. This is the name of marine mammals, which are the largest toothed whales. Adult males reach 20 meters in length and females grow up to 15 meters. Body weight also depends on gender and ranges from 20 to 50 tons. You can distinguish a sperm whale from a whale by a huge rectangular head. They also live in groups, which may include several thousand individuals. Usually, sperm whales feed only on cephalopods up to 18 meters long (the above-mentioned kraken would obviously suit their taste). From time to time, sperm whales dive to a depth of 2 kilometers and spend up to 1.5 hours there looking for prey.

Sperm whale while swimming

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And which of the following do you thinkoptions is correct? Of course, the version about the sperm whale. South Uist Island residents recalled that a sperm whale had been washed ashore in March 2020. His body decomposed rather quickly, so now his skeleton lies and surprises people walking along the shore. Most likely, the marine mammal died even before it was on land. Many animals today die due to the abundance of plastic debris - it gets stuck inside their organs. In 2018 alone, the bodies of 930 dead animals were thrown onto the shores of Scotland, and this phenomenon continues to this day.