The Palantin complex will hide troops from the enemy

The conduct of modern warfare is associated with the use of high-tech weapons that can disrupt the communication system and disorient the control of enemy troops.

Russian military used during exercisesthe newest Palantin complex, designed for electronic warfare with the enemy. The complex was put into service in April 2019 and is intended for special troops conducting electronic warfare (EW). The first complex, which entered the army and was tested during the exercises of the EW battalion.

The complex "Palantine" is located on 22 carsand is designed to suppress enemy communication systems in the short and ultra-short range, interfere with cellular and trunking communications. Moreover, the complex does not just “jam” the enemy’s communications, but replaces signals, which further disorientates the enemy units. Ideally, the use of the "Palantine" can lead to rocket fire by the enemy’s own units.

During the exercises, defense techniques were worked outground parts from missile and high-precision weapons of the enemy. An invisible stole was deployed over the units, protecting friendly units from enemy electronic warfare.

Suppression of cellular communications in the military did not causeno problems, since these systems do not have special protection. Another advantage of the new complex is the use of propaganda techniques when mass SMS will be sent to the enemy’s army’s mobile phones calling for surrender.