Samsung holds patents for non-standard form factors of smartphones

Developers of companies producing smartphonesstrive to offer customers an unusual case design, thereby ensuring recognizability of models and original appearance. Several patent applications from Samsung engineers have suggested unusual forms of factors that give future devices a somewhat bizarre appearance. There is a high probability that in the near future such strange-looking smartphones will be presented by the company and become a trendsetter.

One of the patented models has a flexiblescreen, however, unlike similar developments of other companies, the monitor bends in both directions. This possibility is achieved through the use of an unusual movable joint.

Another development contains a hidden allusion toThe modular nature of the smartphone. On the long side of the gadget there are several tabs with which you can pull out or secure certain earbuds on the smartphone. Presumably, the user will be able to add such modules, providing the smartphone with additional storage or an additional battery. In addition, the user will be able to supplement the smartphone with hardware buttons, having previously programmed them to perform any functions.

Source: ubergizmo