Xiaomi stand-alone home cardiograph is introduced (3 photos)

Xiaomi crowdfunding platformPresents a portable cardiograph analyzing the functioning of the user's heart. This compact device can be carried in your pocket. As the manufacturer assures, a single charge of the built-in battery is enough to work for two months.

HiPee Smart ECG Wizard Compact Cardiographweighs 33 grams and can monitor heart rate in virtually any environment. The device is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth - and the electrocardiogram is displayed directly on the display.

To take advantage of the novelty, it must be clamped.between the middle and index fingers of both hands. A few moments later you will see the result. This information can be saved and then shown to your doctor. The analyzer is in the gadget itself. The device will alert the person if it diagnoses malfunctioning of the heart or atrial fibrillation.
You can buy a new development for $ 58.

Source: gizmochina