The biological aging of the body was reversed

Team of american scientists from californiaThe University of Los Angeles for the first time was able to restart the course of the human biological clock. They were able to achieve a similar result using a unique product based on growth hormone and diabetic drugs. In what way can an explosive hormonal mixture help humanity to remain forever young? Well, let's try to figure it out together in this article.

It seems that in the near future, humanity will be able to significantly rejuvenate

Is it possible to invent the elixir of youth?

Throughout the history of its existence,man dreamed of creating some kind of means that would allow him to live happily ever after, while remaining always young. So, medieval alchemists were seriously absorbed in the idea of ​​creating a philosopher's stone, which would not only give its creator eternal youth and immortality, but also a source of inexhaustible wealth.

Although similar superstitionstheoretically, they should have remained in the Middle Ages, the Chinese ruler of the 20th century, Mao Zedong, was so absorbed in the idea of ​​immortality that in order to achieve this goal he decided to repeat the “feat” of the legendary Chinese Yellow Emperor, who shared his bed with a new girl every night to achieve immortality. As you know, such an experience of gaining immortality and eternal youth was completely failed, since the famous Chinese leader died at the age of 83, having managed to acquire a whole bunch of sexually transmitted diseases.

The ancient method of gaining immortality never helped the Chinese leader gain eternal youth

Having decided not to take into account the sad experience of Mao Zedong,an American group of scientists decided to take a slightly different path, starting research in the field of studying the effect of growth hormone on the thymus or thymus gland of people.

The tiny thymus gland is at the topparts of the chest and is critical to ensure the effective functioning of the human immune system. Thymus has a maximum size in childhood, but immediately after the onset of puberty, it gradually undergoes atrophy. Upon reaching senile age, the thymus gland atrophies so much that it is almost impossible to distinguish from the surrounding adipose tissue. It is because of the atrophy of the thymus that older people are often exposed to infectious diseases, and their immunity is much less able to cope with toxins and harmful substances than in childhood.

The location of the thymus in the human body

Studies show that the use of the hormonegrowth has a regenerative effect, manifested in the restoration of the functions of the thymus gland. Despite such a useful property, the hormone also has a negative side, manifested in the development of diabetes.

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In order to create a universal tool,the researchers created a kind of cocktail from the growth hormone already mentioned above and a mixture of antidiabetic drugs - metformin and dehydroepiandrosterone. The "Elixir of Youth" was tested on 9 volunteers - men aged 51 to 65 years. Throughout the year, the participants in the experiment took a mixture that, in the end, showed very good results: all participants in the experiment had a rejuvenation of the immune system. In addition, in seven out of nine volunteers, the thymus almost disappeared earlier was seen again, and the blood test of the subjects showed an incredible result: all participants were 2.5 years younger.

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