Tesla has returned to sale a children's ATV in the style of the Cybertruck electric pickup (2 photos)

Tesla has reintroduced its kids' ATV in the style of the Cybertruck electric pickup truck, which was recalled last year for failing to meet product safety standards.

A new version of this toy, officially namedThe Model 915 is now available for purchase on the Tesla website in the US. This is an updated version of the ATV that first appeared in December 2021. Its shipment to customers will begin at the end of November.

Like its predecessor, the Model 915 Cyberquad for kids was developed jointly by Tesla and renowned children's toy maker Radio Flyer.

The battery-powered ATV is equipped with a 500-watt motor capable of reaching speeds of up to 16 km/h (with the ability to be limited to 8 km/h by parents) and has a maximum range of 24 km.

Like the Cybertruck that inspired it, this smaller version of the adult Cyberquad also features a steel frame and high-strength rubber tires.