The bag dropped by the astronauts can be seen through binoculars (3 photos + video)

Lost during a recent outingspace NASA's tool bag was once again spotted in Earth's orbit. Captured by astrophotographers in Añasco, Puerto Rico, the tool bag shines as brightly as a 6th magnitude star.

Judging by the latest observations, the gap between the bag and the ISS is gradually increasing. Astronomers also announced a slight shift in the flight path to the east.

For astronomy lovers armed with binoculars,There is a unique opportunity to observe this new space object, but keep in mind that the bag is flying ahead of the ISS. The tool bag is projected to remain in orbit for several more months and enter the atmosphere between March and July 2024, completing its celestial display.

This astral rendezvous is not the first incident of NASA with a space instrument; a similar thing has already happened at the beginning of this century.

Source: earthsky