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Tardigrades will be able to survive the fall of an asteroid and a supernova explosion

Scientists often think about whether people will succeed.survive some terrible disaster. Well, for example, what will become of us if a giant asteroid from space crashes to Earth? Or will the sun go out? People have few chances, but tardigrades have plenty of them - researchers at Oxford University came to such conclusions after a series of experiments.

Tardigrades are very unpretentious and can surviveeven in pretty harsh conditions. For example, they were somehow frozen for 30 years, and then they got it out, thawed back and found that they were alive and healthy, they want and, most importantly, they can multiply. They felt great in other difficult conditions, for example, when exposed to high temperature and on the ocean floor.

To find out what else theseamazing creatures, scientists from the University of Oxford recreated in the laboratory conditions close to those that could arise on our planet after some kind of disaster. Researchers have chosen possible scenarios, among which were a supernova burst, a giant asteroid and gamma-ray bursts. After a series of experiments, they came to the conclusion that tardigrades seem to have every chance of surviving humanity.

Enough for destructionthere is no need to wait for a tardigrade of the asteroid in the near future, and a gamma-ray burst capable of killing these invertebrates should also occur close enough to the Earth, which is definitely not planned yet. A supernova explosion should also be strong enough and occur near the Earth, but until the available options can harm the slow-moving, they can easily withstand quite strong radiation and can quite comfortably exist at the bottom of the oceans near underwater volcanoes, for example. Tardigrades were able to endure all the trials by scientists, which in turn gave researchers new food for thought.

“It seems that if life has already begun somewhere, it becomes quite difficult to destroy it,” says Dr. David Slovan, one of the authors of the study.

Scientists noted that their research indicates andthe possibility of life on other planets, because if there are such persistent guys on Earth as slow-moving, then what can prevent them from living and feeling great somewhere else?

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