Tesla changed its mind to close all retail stores, but buyers will have to pay for it.

In early March, Tesla announced a decrease inthe cost of their cars by 6%. She was determined to do this by closing most retail stores and switching to online sales. For two weeks, the company evaluated each of its outlets and decided that some of them would still remain open. Their support will require cash, so the cost of electric cars Tesla Model S and Model X will rise again. The price of "budget" Tesla Model 3 will remain the same, and will amount to $ 35,000.

The company has already managed to close 10% of retailstores and assures that because of the low attendance, sooner or later they would still be closed. Nevertheless, she intends to restore the work of some of them, but with a smaller number of employees. In the next few months, management will evaluate the effectiveness of another 20% of retail outlets and decide whether to leave them open or close them.

As a result, Tesla plans to close only halftheir stores. Because of this, the cost of Model S and Model X cars, which have fallen in price by 6%, will increase by 3%. In other words, due to the closure of only half of the stores, the savings of buyers will also be only 50% of the previously established prices. The cost of Tesla Model 3 will remain the same - after all, at the time of the announcement, the company claimed that it would cost 35,000 rubles.

Buyers still have time to buy cars byreduced price until March 18th. It is noteworthy that in order to place an order in any case will have via the Internet, even in the store. The duties of consultants include assistance to customers in the design of the purchase. If someone wants to buy an electric car immediately, the stores will be able to provide him with the model available in the garage. All buyers have the right to return the car within 7 days, provided that they have not driven more than 1600 kilometers.

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