Ilon Musk voiced the cost of a ticket to Mars (2 photos)

Humanity has almost ceased to worrythe technical possibility of flying to Mars, everyone knows that this is possible, and Martian travel is a matter of time. At this time, the greatest interest is the issue price. Two and a half years ago, in September 2016, during the presentation of the Super Heavy carrier rocket and the Starship interplanetary ship, Ilon Musk assured that colonization of the Red Planet could take 40-100 years, while the flight of one person would cost no more than the average price of an American home. (at that time it was about 200 thousand dollars).

Responding February 11, 2019 to a reader's questionTwitter, Ilon Musk brought a new price and approximately estimated the prospects for changes in the cost of the flight. The reader asked how much the ticket price could be reduced due to the re-use of launch vehicles and ships.

Accounting for reusability?

- SPEXcast (@SPEXcast) February 11, 2019

Musk said that the specific price will be largelydepend on the volume of traffic. At the same time, he noted that today this price is 500 thousand dollars (the return ticket is provided free of charge). At the same time, with the start of regular shipments to Mars, the price of a ticket for the colonialists may drop to 100 thousand dollars. A resident of a developed country will be able to sell their homes and move to Mars.

It should be noted that the ambitious plans Maskseldom incarnated exactly with their intended graphs. However, they were always brought to a logical conclusion. The prices and terms presented by Mask are still approximate estimates. The original plans of the billionaire enthusiast included sending two cargo ships to Mars by 2022, which are necessary for the creation of a material base for the first colonists, whose arrival is scheduled for 2024.