“Terrible action at a distance”: three possible uses of quantum entanglement

We love Quantum. Just like everything unexplored and amazing. At least for the feeling you feel when, for example, one of the mysteries of the millennium is explained. We penetrate all corners of the unknown, whether it is the ocean floor, the border of the universe or the core of our Sun, in order to understand it well. But what can be said about the fact that even Einstein himself dubbed “a terrible action at a distance”, unable to understand its mechanism? We are talking about the phenomenon of quantum entanglement. More precisely about its possible applications.

Passing Information Through Time

One of the paradoxical conclusions from modernQuantum theory is that particles can affect each other even at large distances. This phenomenon is called nonlocality. Essentially, this means that if a particle breaks up into two parts, these two fragments will affect each other throughout the Universe, even if they are separated by millions of light years. That is what struck Einstein almost a hundred years ago.

Recent discoveries have shown that nonlocalitymay be typical not only for space, but also for time. The consequence of this may be that future actions may affect past events. “The present is determined by the future and creates the past,” as the hero of one of the books of the “Ethnogenesis” series has repeatedly noted.

Quantum computing scientists have begunencoding information in qubits, quantum bits, which can be in a state of superposition, in two places at the same time. A quantum computer based on an ion trap will give scientists millions of qubits entangled in a state of superposition.

In fact, one day this will lead to the possibilityteleportation of a quantum state through space and time. Dr. Richard Low of the University of Bristol believes that one day scientists will be able to reproduce the paradox of time travel.

Communication with extraterrestrial intelligence

If you omit the moment that all of the belowbased on gossip, there are a number of scientists who believe that quantum computers will be our key to communicating with not only extraterrestrial intelligence, but also artificial intelligence. The reason for this lies in the fact that quantum entanglement covers large distances in space, thanks to the principle of non-locality. Perhaps it will allow us to connect with aliens who live billions of light years away from us in a distant galaxy. Who knows, maybe we will one day stumble upon a quantum letter from the depths of the time of the young Universe. Maybe we have already stumbled upon it, but we do not see or can not decipher. The possibility of this is not excluded.

On the other hand, it is widely believedthat quantum computing can significantly speed up the process of creating a full-fledged artificial intelligence. Recall that the largest corporations in the world are interested in artificial intelligence: from IBM with its Watson to Google, which has put the head of the development of artificial intelligence to the famous futurologist Ray Kurzweil. Last year, the NSA invested $ 2 billion in the acquisition and development of the D-Wave 512-qubit quantum computer. The computer will be able to perform operations that ordinary computers will take millions of years to complete. The company's goal is to create a unique encryption technology that will completely protect the data from hacking, and the world's first self-improving artificial intelligence, codenamed Vesuvius.

Life after death

The first two applications of quantum entanglement weredevoted to technological innovations and supercomputers of terrestrial origin. The third involves building your own universe based on a quantum supercomputer.

What if you record all your brain information on"Quantum motherboard" implanted in your brain to be able to transfer anywhere - from the new body to the computer? Such a conceptualization of the concept of life after death does not require angelic intervention — information, so to speak, is preserved in the fabric of the Universe. We are ours, we will build a new paradise.

Applications mass. It remains only to live to realize all this magnificence.