SpaceX satellites are ready for launch (3 photos)

Numerous space projects Ilona Mask notlimited to the colonization of Mars, SpaceX spacecraft will take care of earthlings. The company prepared for the first mass launch of a squadron of Internet satellites Starlink, intended to create a public network for each inhabitant of the Earth.

Mask posted on his page on Twittera photo of the Falcon 9 ship, ready for launch, and the inside of its head part, loaded with the first batch of 60 satellites, which will be sent into orbit on Wednesday. Full testing of the space network will become possible after the launch of six more such parties into near-earth orbit. The global system for Internet distribution will be provided by satellites brought into space as a result of 12 similar launches of Falcon 9. The total number of Internet satellites of the SpaceX project in low near-earth orbit will be about 12,000 in two groups of 4409 and 7518 pieces .

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Starlink project nowtime received permission from the US Communications Commission (FCC). The Office has put forward the condition that half of the planned satellites should be in orbit over the next 6 years. Currently, only 2 test satellites TinTin A and TinTin are in orbit, to which on May 15 the 60 objects shown by Mask should join. The company’s founder did not disclose the safe separation of Falcon 9 from all Internet satellites tightly loaded under the head fairing, as billionaire Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and aerospace company Blue Origin, is breathing with a similar global satellite Internet deployment plan.

Starlink project will provide access to the Internet.any inhabitant of the Earth anywhere in the world. The small size of the satellites ensures their safe operation, in the event of an accident, they simply burn when entering the dense atmosphere.