Are we ready for a world war for the unlimited resources of space?

Sounds like science fiction: to transport all heavy industry into space. Ten years ago, this idea would have seemed crazy, but today it seems very reasonable. Billionaires and the powerful of this world offered to collect resources on other planets and asteroids instead of collecting their remnants and crumbs on Earth. There are billions more resources in the Solar System alone than on Earth. This may be important for the survival of all mankind. But there are a few but.

"The solar system can support a billiontimes more industrial than ours on Earth, ”said planetologist Phil Metzger of the University of Central Florida. "When civilization grows beyond what the planet can withstand, civilization can create things that are incomprehensible to us."

Who needs the resources of the solar system?

As humans pump out of the earthresources, population increases, land decreases, the climate deteriorates - and everyone has to give up something. In any case, it is this idea that underlies the new wave of the development of near space. Now let's see what this wave is.

The Planetary Resources Corporation has attracted hugeMoney - tens of millions of dollars in funding to develop technologies for the extraction of useful resources on asteroids. However, she didn’t calculate with the forces a bit, and while her first mission to the asteroid was postponed indefinitely. But rest assured: the time will come and it will take place.

One of the richest people in the world, the creator of Blue Origin and Amazon Jeff Bezos, also relies on space resources.

“The reason we have to go tospace, in my opinion, consists in saving the Earth, ”Bezos said last month. “The long-term and very fundamental problem is that we will run out of energy on Earth. This is simple arithmetic. It will happen".

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Jeff Bezos and his ex-wife

Even the national American spaceNASA recently decided to invest millions of dollars in technology that could help in the study of lunar craters and the development of asteroids. And not only physical resources to solve the problems of our overloaded planet. Solar power plants in space can provide us with almost unlimited energy - and China has already begun to create them.

Who needs space resources?

To transport earthly production into space,Earth billionaires have a lot to do. Scientists have just begun to explore this possibility - just ten years ago, no one seriously thought about it. Just five years ago, Made In Space was the first company to print a 3D object in zero gravity.

It was this company in 2018 that NASA offereddevelop a system for the production of parts from metals of aerospace class - titanium and aluminum. That is, durable and light metals, which are used to manufacture rockets and aircraft.

All this, however, is still far from the future,where the developed Solar System will help mankind to increase the scale of the Earth’s economy by a billion times. We have not even decided which country will be entitled to call these resources as its own. Will they be able to agree? Perhaps we are waiting for the war for space resources. Climate change and the rapid depletion of resources force us to look beyond the borders of our home planet. I hope we have time before it is too late.

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