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SpaceX first successfully launched a Falcon 9 rocket on the California coast

Last night SpaceX launched reusableCalifornia Falcon 9 rocket, then to make one of the most iconic landings in the history of the company's rockets. This time, SpaceX planned to land the carrier on a concrete pad right next to the launch site, and not on a floating barge in the ocean. If successful, this would be the first successful landing on the west coast of America. Everything went smoothly. Until now, all SpaceX land touchdowns have taken place at Cape Canaveral in Florida, where more of the company's launches take place.


There SpaceX has two launch sites; the company managed to land 11 missiles on them. Each time the company tried to put the rocket on solid ground, it succeeded.

SpaceX conquered California

SpaceX has long wanted to land a rocket onVandenberg Air Force Base in California. The company has been leasing this place since 2015 - earlier Titan rockets were launched there. Despite concreting the site, permission was obtained only now; before that, missiles landed on a barge in the Pacific Ocean.

Since this is Vandenberg landingwas the first, neighboring residents heard a triple sound boom. At Cape Canaveral, this is a common occurrence. Air Force Base Vandenberg sent a warning to locals before today's flight.

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October 7 at 10:40 pm local time, SpaceX successfully launched and landed its Falcon 9 rocket, marking the 62nd flight of the vehicle. It was also the 12th successful land landing for the company and the first on the California coast.

If the test of the Falcon 9 rockets, and then the Falcon Heavy rockets, will go strictly according to plan, perhaps SpaceX will be the first to send people to Mars.

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