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Africa may lose its rainforest

In June 2019, employees located inThe London Royal Kew Botanic Gardens shared some pretty scary news. In the course of studying information about animals and plants that are on the verge of extinction, they found that human activities led to the irretrievable disappearance of more than 500 species of trees, grasses and shrubs. Now, thanks to the work of French scientists, the region has become known, which is in a particularly dangerous situation. It turned out to be Africa, whose tropical territories risk losing more than 40% of their natural wealth. And all this is due to the fact that people are actively cutting down forests in order to build houses for a rapidly growing population. Of course, a gradual increase in the temperature of the Earth also played a large role in the destruction of plants.

Rainforest in africa

The study reported the BritishBBC News publication citing the French National Institute for Sustainable Development. Previously, researchers estimated the risk of extinction only for mammals and birds, but the effect of human activity on plant life has still not been studied. After examining 20,000 plant species, the researchers concluded that at the moment 33% of the species are threatened with extinction, and a third of all species are at risk of getting into this list in the future, because they are quite rare.

African forests are in danger

According to study leader ThomasCouvrera, biodiversity in Africa brings great benefits to people, so if it is lost, our future will be in jeopardy. What is meant by "great benefit" he did not specify, but a lot really depends on plants in our world. For example, they are food for many species of animals that humans eat and kill various pests. Various foods and medicines are also made from plants. Also, do not forget about the function of vegetation in the purification of air from carbon dioxide.

Endangered Orchid View in Cameroon

That the African authorities urgently needtake measures to protect the tropical regions of the continent, there is no doubt. In addition to the fact that the country has many social and economic problems that can interfere with plant growth, the country has also seen rapid population growth. This means that for the construction of new buildings, the authorities may need more free territories and building materials. And for this they will undoubtedly have to clear vast territories with different species of trees and other plants. Perhaps catastrophic changes will occur over the next decade.

However, sometimes scientists still manage to rediscover plants that for many years were considered completely extinct.

Human waste destroys plants

Also, do not forget that in Africa there arebig environmental problems. About 25 years ago, one of the cities in Nigeria began to take out garbage from Europe and over time the landfill took on enormous proportions. She began to inflict difficult damage on both nature and the inhabitants of this territory. At the moment, almost all the buildings of this place are located right in the middle of piles of garbage. The name of this city, by the way, is Lagos.

Garbage in the African city of Lagos

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It is noteworthy that such heavily contaminatedThere are a lot of places on our planet. They even exist in Russia - the city of Karabash, located in the Chelyabinsk region, is considered the most poisonous at all. We can say that there is a risk of plant extinction in almost every corner of the Earth, but there is more and more garbage on our planet every day.