Self-destructing satellite patented

Active space exploration and useNear-Earth orbit for satellites of various purposes leads to the formation of an additional “garbage layer” around the Earth. Developers seek to reduce the amount of space debris and use non-standard methods for this.

Russian developers from Roskosmospatented the original satellite, one of the functions of which is self-destruction. It is the fight against a huge amount of space debris that is indicated as a justification in the Russian patent for such an unusual technical characteristics of the satellite. On command from Earth, the satellite simply “evaporates”. The idea of ​​engineers is based on the use of structural materials that can directly switch from solid to gaseous state.

Designers suggest covering partssatellite made of such materials with a special protective film. A command from the Earth leads to the folding of the protective layer and further heating and evaporation of the satellite.

Currently the amount of space debrisin low Earth orbit is growing exponentially. Today, more than 700 thousand objects with a size of more than one centimeter have already been recorded, and the number of artificial satellites in the spring of 2019 was 19 404 pieces, while 3 thousand (+ 15%) were launched in the last six months.

Source: RIA