Google recommends urgently update Chrome (2 photos)

Google experts revealed in their own browserChrome is a significant vulnerability that allows fraudsters to access sensitive data. To avoid such unpleasant consequences, users were advised not to delay updating.

It turned out that the vulnerability was discovered back inlate winter There was a hole in the FileReader package that allowed websites to bypass the restrictions in the sandbox by reading information from the gadget's memory. It could also download malware applications or create other accounts with identical administrative rights. And even if such sites are forcibly closed, access to the internal memory was still maintained. Chrome had this vulnerability on all platforms: iOS, macOS, Android Linux and Windows.

To prevent intruders from accessingpersonal data, Google advised to update the browser as soon as possible. The corresponding update was released on March 1. As a rule, Chrome is updated on its own automatically, but some users disable auto-update. So fresh patches are better to check and install. For an application to work stably and safely, its version must be at least 72.0.3626.121.

Source: Google