Named causes of ignition Samsung Galaxy Note 7

In the first estimates of the consequences of the story with the explosionsSamsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones analysts have argued that the company will quickly recover from the scandal. But when even the airlines began to prohibit the use of the phablet aboard aircraft due to the increased incidence of device fires, the situation deteriorated sharply. Samsung’s market value collapsed to $ 22 billion in just two days, and in order to reassure investors, the Korean giant promptly published preliminary results of an internal investigation.

The cause of the explosions was an error in the productionbatteries. Due to excessive pressure on the plates of the cells of the battery between the positive and negative poles may cause contact, which causes intense heat. More accurate data will be announced later.

Samsung strongly recommends usersGalaxy Note 7 turn off the smartphone and replace it with a new one, but not everyone listened to this advice. To reduce the risk of an explosion, on September 20, all devices on the Korean market will receive a software update that limits gadget charging to 60% capacity. This was reported on the first page of the local newspaper Seoul Shinmun. Since the device will start working at least 40% less, the owners of Note 7 will become more willing to hand over dangerous specimens. Whether this measure applies to other regions is unknown. By the way, Samsung denied rumors about the forced deactivation of smartphones on September 30.

If on September 1, 35 phablets burned in the world, thenover 70 cases of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion have been registered in the USA alone. Some users are in no hurry to replace the device, because the procedure itself seems too burdensome to them. On the first visit, the service center employees pick up the potentially explosive machine and give the smartphone for temporary use (not Note 7), and only after the second visit, you can get a new smartphone.