Samsung will show at CES 2020 a new prototype smartphone with a folding screen (3 photos + video)

One of the promising areas of developmentthe future of modern smartphones are devices with a bending screen, which allows to increase the diagonal of the screen, while maintaining the mobility inherent in traditional gadgets. Samsung last year faced problems inherent in all the pioneers developing the new technology with the launch of the Galaxy Fold. However, further events showed that this form factor can be a very profitable and promising area.

Samsung engineers are currently working onthe creation of the next model with a flexible screen that can replace the Galaxy Fold. This uses the folding principle introduced recently by the Motorola Razr clamshell. Based on subsequent statements by representatives of Samsung, this model is also not the only development in this area. Based on the patents filed by Samsung, the developers plan to release a smartphone that resizes due to the design of a vertical or horizontal slider and a swiveling screen.

By assurance of informed sources onCES 2020 private events Samsung engineers will demonstrate a new smartphone prototype. If the information is confirmed, then in the next two to three years another smartphone with a flexible screen from Samsung will enter the market.

In parallel, Samsung representatives unveiledreal sales of the Galaxy Fold model. A smartphone with a flexible screen, having a fairly impressive cost, has been sold in quantities from 400 to 500 thousand. Thus, the rumors about one million devices sold by the company are refuted. Such a figure is only Samsung plans. However, even half a million of expensive smartphones sold, equipped with virtually “raw” technology, is a great success and testifies to the great prospects of this area of ​​development of smartphone manufacturing.