Cute robot waiter created by the Chinese company PuduTech (3 photos + video)

Robots penetrate all spheres of lifeperson, in the near future they will be able to successfully come into the service sector and serve as waiters. At CES 2020 events, visitors were captivated by the cute look of friendly robots from the Chinese company PuduTech, capable of, nevertheless, carrying up to 4 trays with a load of 10 kg each, equipped with a control system, navigation and capable of autonomous operation.

Feature of BellaBo robots is the originalcustomer feedback. On the display, which are equipped with “waiters”, animated muzzles of cats are depicted, and in order to attract the attention of visitors the device “meows” when approaching a table.
BellaBo touch surface responds tothe touch of a client who wants to stroke the “cat”, while the image on the screen changes, and the robot notes that the person’s hand is warm and invites him to “scratch” his ear.

However, BellaBo is able to fight back too much.Intrusive visitors, carried away by stroking the robot. In the case when excessive courting of the waiter begins to interfere with the performance of functional duties, the image of the cute cat changes, and the robot also announces its intention to return to work.

Developers from PuduTech note that using BellaBo will help solve staffing problems in the Chinese food service system, which is experiencing an acute shortage of well-trained waiters.

PuduTech already represented last yearBellaBo's predecessor, the PuduBot waiter, capable of carrying 3 to 5 trays of 10 kg each. The battery is designed for 24 hours of work and charges in just 4 hours. For the development of the route of movement around the premises of PuduBot, 2 hours were enough. In just a year, the company sold more than 5 thousand of these robots - waiters working in 2 thousand restaurants in 20 countries.

In addition to the waiter, PuduTech introduced atCES 2020 HolaBot assistant device, whose tasks include transporting dirty dishes to the kitchen. The robot is equipped with three trays and can remove about 60 kg of dishes at a time, which is 120 small and 39 large plates and also 33 cups. Call HolaBot is carried out using a smart watch staff. New devices will go on sale this spring.