Samsung will develop a selfie camera hidden under the screen (2 photos)

Smartphone developers are constantly improving.device design to maximize screen area. The presence of cuts or holes in the display of the smartphone, designed to accommodate the front camera, always limit the possibilities of engineers and cause discontent among users. Therefore, some companies have taken the path of creating periscopic cameras. However, technology does not stand still, and Samsung engineers are striving to make the selfie camera invisible by hiding it under the surface of the screen.

Smartphone manufacturers are already actively usingsolutions that allow you to hide various sensors under the screen: a fingerprint scanner, proximity and illumination sensors, as well as smartphone dynamics. Hiding the front camera under the screen, the engineers will come to almost the perfect full-screen solution that allows the maximum use of the front surface of the smartphone. At the same time, Samsung, as insiders say, will reach such a level that the hole for the camera will become completely invisible and at the same time will not reduce the functionality of the screen and the selfie camera itself.

Currently, the company's developers do notreport on the principles on which the camera hidden under the screen works. It can be assumed that the area of ​​the display above the camera becomes completely transparent and functional when performing everyday tasks on the device. It is also not clear time for such smartphones to market.