Flagship OPPO and Vivo compared for strength (3 videos)

The more technological the smartphone becomes, theharder to repair it during physical "injury." Therefore, some users tend to get no more functional, but the most reliable model. The latest news from Chinese companies Vivo and OPPO look fresh and new among the masses of similar-type flagship smartphones, but how much of the case and pull-out mechanisms with cameras are resistant to the effects of exploitation in life, bloggers from YouTube decided to check.

We conducted a series of experiments with the subjects and madeconclusion about the reliability of smartphones, but without any nuances has not done. For example, OPPO Find X could not resist strong bending of the display and twisted after a similar experience. Vivo NEX S in this situation remained unchanged. As for scratches and cuts, both models were adequately tested.

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Summing up, it can be noted that OPPO Find X,Most likely, it will live no longer than its competitor Vivo NEX S, if there is a high risk to bend it, for example, if you often wear the device in the back pocket of trousers. Retractable block with cameras, a controversial element in both tested models, in fact, proved to be resistant to bending.

By the way, in Vivo NEX S, the back panel can be made transparent, which will allow you to contemplate the interior of the device and the mechanism of the sliding selfie camera.