Secret projects of an IT-company working with the FSB (3 photos)

Competition between Russian and foreignhackers growing. The 0v1ru $ group hacked into SyTech, a company that did work for the FSB. As a result, the Russian “white hackers” lost 7.5 TB of data.

According to the data obtained from hacking, it has been established that SyTech has been working with the FSB since 2009, and brought some programs to the end, and some projects are at the implementation stage.

For foreign burglars the greatest interestcaused the project "Nautilus-S", the purpose of which was to de-anonymize users of the Tor browser. When implementing the project, SyTech should have a database containing the names of Tor users and devices from which they were logged into. The project has been working since 2012, and already in 2014, Russian nodes were intercepted in Tor, intercepting user data.

Also in the hands of foreigners got data about the project.“Nadezhda”, who investigated the links of the Runet with the global Internet. Nautilus is busy collecting data on users of social networks. The Reward project is studying peer-to-peer and hybrid networks to monitor users of torrent trackers. Mentor tracks user email. Interesting is also the Tax-3 project, which is dedicated to collecting information about politicians and officials, which removes this information in the course of a career growth of a politician and his entry into an orbit protected by state security.