Created a kamikaze drone to destroy drones (3 photos + video)

The market for unmanned aerial vehicles is fullthe most diverse types of devices, so the company AerialX from Canada, which began its work with the production of conventional quadcopters, decided to convert to drones with original features. AerialX drones are now designed to destroy their fellows. The prototype is a hybrid rocket and quadcopter.

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A small drone that weighs onlyone kilogram can determine a target in the air and, having developed a speed of up to 350 km / h, destroy it at the cost of his own life. Several cameras are built into the AerialX drone body, capable of scanning the surrounding space, determining the trajectory and speed of movement to the target to ensure the destruction of the "enemy" drone.

The drone-kamikaze approaches individually to fight against different drones: small targets are destroyed from below, and in order to shoot down a large drone, a special maneuver is performed to attack from above.

New development is designed for specialservices, military and airport security. Currently, after several years of testing, drones are ready for mass production and will be able to solve many problems arising from the illegal use of UAVs in forbidden territories.