Xiaomi presented a budget massage chair

Xiaomi developers continue to delightbrand fans with inexpensive and practical devices. In partnership with the Chinese company Momoda, Xiaomi engineers present an affordable massage chair on the Youpin platform, which is distinguished by its small size and high massage efficiency.

The geometric dimensions of the chair: 1250 x 980 x 630 mm, and the mass is 42 kg. Features of the design will allow the user to be moved to a horizontal position even when the chair is located close to the wall. This function will allow you to place the chair even in small rooms.

Massage is provided by locatedthere are 12 pillows inside the chair, which periodically squeeze and expand, providing stimulation of the human circulatory system. In addition, four electric heaters are placed in the lumbar region of the user, which are switched on at intervals of one minute. Six roller wheels are provided for massaging the neck and shoulder girdle. There is an individual seat adjustment for the height of the user from 150 to 190 cm.

The control unit is located next to the user's right hand. The chair upholstery is made of especially soft faux leather and comes in two colors: light brown and light gray.

Over 750 already assembled for the production of armchairsthousand dollars, which is 9.5 times higher than the amount needed to start production of armchairs. It is expected that the supply of massage chairs at a price of $ 400 will begin in mid-December. Currently, the product is offered only to residents of China, however, in the future, it may be implemented and the international version of the seats.

Source: gizmochina