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Remedies for obesity can stop the spread of cancer

Cancer is the second leading cause of death inworld after cardiovascular disease. Sometimes doctors manage to remove the primary tumors and people have the hope of a full recovery. However, if the tumor has so-called metastases and it begins to spread, the chances of a complete cure are greatly reduced. However, scientists from Belgium have been trying to find more than one year looking for a way to stop the complications of cancer and in a recent study found that the disease spreads using human fat as an energy source. So what is it that can be done to stop the development of cancer with the help of obesity drugs?

Perhaps scientists are one step closer to creating a cure for cancer

Results of the Belgian scientificworks were published in the journal Nature Communications. A group of scientists led by Olivier Feron continued his previous study and found that cancer cells accumulate fat in tiny vesicles, which were called lipid drops. Fats are used as an energy source, so it is logical that the cells saturated with them spread much faster than others.

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How does fat contribute to cancer?

According to scientists, for the accumulation of fats in cells andTGF-beta2 protein, also known as transforming growth factor beta, responds to aggressive cell behavior. It is a kind of switch that, on the one hand, allows cancer cells to accumulate energy, and on the other hand, forces them to use the received power for distribution.

The authors of the scientific work compared all of the above.with how climbers gather food and equipment on the road. The cargo they collect helps them climb to great heights, despite the harsh weather conditions.

Thanks to the new discovery, scientists were able toDevelop a new plan to slow cancer. In theory, to stop the occurrence of metastases, researchers need to develop a tool to block the production of TGF-beta2 protein. It would also be nice if the future medicine slowed down the formation of fats and their transportation throughout the body. Just before that, they need to make sure that the TGF-beta2 protein is not involved in other processes important for human life. Also, people taking the medicine, which is essentially a remedy for obesity, will have to adhere to a certain diet.

Fat is a source of energy for cancer cells.

It is possible that in the world already existsuitable preparations for these purposes. It is important for scientists only to study their composition and experimentally check whether they are really capable of slowing down the development of cancer. Typically, such tests are first performed on laboratory mice. For example, in 2018, scientists introduced a tiny human brain into the body of a roof and looked at what came of it.

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In general, cancer can be defeated.turning cancer cells into fat cells. According to the scientific journal Cancer Cell, in 2019, Swiss scientists, led by Professor Gerhard Christophori, were also able to prevent cancer complications in this way. By the way, they conducted an experiment on mice with aggressive breast cancer. This cancer is often found in women, so the discovery can be considered very important for the scientific community.