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Is it possible to completely change your character?

Absolutely every person on the planet hasa unique set of personality characteristics, which are often determined by the level of extraversion, neuroticism, openness and friendliness. At the same time, it is believed that people cannot change their identity due to the fact that the main features were inherited from our parents and more distant ancestors. A review of recent research in the field of science suggests that personality traits can change as a result of some life events or when exposed to social pressure. So who is right in this case?

According to new studies, the character of a person can constantly change throughout life

How does a person’s character change?

As you know, the nature of man isis a set of personality traits that largely determine the future of the individual in the context of social interaction and overall success in life. Thus, the presence of a trait of openness to new knowledge can predict a wide range of a number of important results, such as income and health; extraversion can help with planning a social or political career, and self-confidence can significantly improve a person’s well-being.

Study published on the, proves that a large number of socially significant behavioral patterns are quite capable of changing if you make some efforts to develop one or another good habit.

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Despite the fact that a person’s personality has a unique set of qualities unique to her, some features can still be corrected

Researchers find practical usefrom such a seemingly insignificant discovery, there can be a significant savings in funds that are usually invested by enterprises in expensive events aimed at all kinds of trainings and master classes in order to increase labor productivity. So, according to experts, most of the proposed techniques are unlikely to ever be effective, since they are not based on actual data on personal qualities. In addition, the same reason could give rise to political forces in a more structured way to think about what exactly is required to change the personality integrated into society in order to increase the consistency and general level of education of the inhabitants of a country.

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Studies have shown that even relativelya small number of personality traits can explain most of the ways in which people differ from each other. In addition, these same features, in view of their relative stability, can represent particularly promising goals for developing the qualities of a conscientious and emotionally stable society. Psychologists note that when planning a particular character trait, it is extremely important to consider motivational factors, since success is more likely if people are motivated by possible changes in life.