Caviar turned Huawei P50 Pro into Alenka chocolate and White Rabbit candy (3 photos)

Russian brand of luxury smartphones andaccessories Caviar paid tribute to the friendship between Russia and China with a new collection - a modification of the premium Chinese smartphone Huawei P50 Pro in the style of Alyonka chocolate and White Rabbit sweets.

Milk candies "White Rabbit" have long beenChina's calling card all over the world. This candy, invented in Shanghai in 1943, is dedicated to one of the designs of the "sweet" collection. The second design is made in the style of the iconic Russian-made delicacy - Alyonka chocolate. “Alenka” was chosen for a reason – Chinese partners and Caviar customers called it the most recognizable Russian product.

Collection models are dedicated to the most popular sweets of China and Russia and are designed to capture the history of friendship between the two states.

Luxury designs are based on powerfulChinese-made smartphone - Huawei P50 Pro. The modification used jewelry and high-tech materials, and the best artists and engineers of Caviar worked on the creation of the design.

The first design is dedicated to Alyonka chocolate and hasa similar name to a favorite delicacy both in Russia and in China. The design is a chocolate bar with part of the wrapper removed: it makes you want to take a bite! The case of the smartphone is made of a balanced combination of finely tanned calfskin in rich chocolate color with an imitation of the texture of a chocolate bar and impact-resistant titanium with laser engraving. The jewelers of Caviar recreated the image of the same Alyonka, creating the impression of a real wrapper of the cult chocolate bar.

Customized Huawei “White Rabbit”, madein the style of a candy wrapper, familiar to almost every resident of China. The case of the modified Huawei P50 Pro in the rethinking of Caviar is made entirely of 22-carat silver. A dazzling white color is applied over the metal, which echoes the candy packaging. The model is richly decorated with precious stones: many precious stones are encrusted in the silver base - 90 rubies and 168 sapphires. The branded character from the packaging of the Chinese delicacy - the same white rabbit - occupies the central part on the back cover of the smartphone.

Caviar customization based on Huawei P50 Pro“Alyonka” and “White Rabbit” are a symbol of friendly relations between China and Russia. Modified models are already available for order on the Russian and Chinese Caviar websites. The cost of the Alyonka model is 469,000 rubles, and the White Rabbit model is 699,000 rubles.

Source: Caviar Press Release