Profoto C1 - a mobile flash for those who like to shoot on a smartphone (2 photos + video)

The Swedish company Profoto, which occupiesleading position among manufacturers of lighting equipment, held a presentation of C1 and C1 Plus flashes for smartphones. They will help mobile photographers to shoot in any conditions and conduct experiments with lighting.

Experience shows that flash units built intosmartphone rarely allow you to get high-quality portrait photos. With Profoto’s new mobile flashes, it’s possible to get close to natural lighting, almost regardless of the shooting conditions.

To do this, the flash must be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth and synchronized with the Profoto Camera mobile application, which provides brightness, light temperature and other settings.

The flash fires when you press the shutter button. Thanks to the dome-shaped diffuser, the light is uniform.

The Profoto C1 model has a maximum brightness of 1600 lm. Using LEDs, 7 light modes are provided: 4 warm and 3 cold.

The capabilities of the Profoto C1 Plus model are significantlywider: for example, the maximum brightness is 4300 lumens, and there are 20 light modes (10 for warm and 10 for cold). The model is compatible with all ProfT AirTTL radio synchronizers, equipped with buttons for switching on / off constant light and for adjusting power and color temperature.

Both models also have a magnetic mount for light-forming devices and many accessories for flashes (color filters, etc.).

The cost of Profoto C1 is $ 299, Profoto C1 Plus - $ 499.